Monday, June 25, 2012

Patrons Of The Arts

Last year I met a woman. Her name is Jamie S. She was at the Kia dealership, you know when my van broke down in the Meadow Lands in August. We began talking while they were looking over the cars, about this and that. She asked me what I was doing up north when the van broke down, and about what I did in life. We hit it off. So much that we have kept up with each other over the past year via social network and texting.

She had been asking me over and over when I was coming up that way to read again, or even to NYC. She lives just outside in Jersey suburbs, but I had not had the opportunity yet; until this past Friday night. Jamie and her daughter came out to the cafe in Jersey City. My son came with me as well to video tape the performance. It was a great night. I have to say I read with more confidence than I ever had before.

Very strong. I had looked over the work a few times to make sure there were no places I might stumble. I have at times read and messed up a few words, then you stumble more by apologizing and people will loose focus, and it falls apart. The message of the work. Jamie and C.D. (a poet mentor) felt it was a fantastic night for me, so much they said I was the best reader, and my content was the strongest. Success. Ahhh.

So much that Jamie invited me to her home (which meant I had to drive up north again, an hour one way). I said yes. The photo above is part of her back yard. She threw a garden party for me and told everyone I was giving them a performance. And I did. What she did not tell me was that they all were published writers. I got questions right and left about my publisher...and other topics.

Turns out one of the fellows host a and performs in NYC and locally (his neighborhood, and Jamie's). He suggested I join him in a improv , play writing, and a monologue class. He felt my work was worthy to take to a different venue other than open mic and poetry readings. It was a lot to absorb. I was in speech and drama in high school, and wrote plays. I so enjoyed the interaction, yesterday and when I was younger.

I realize it's a dog eat dog world out there when it comes to these kinds of things. I have to decide if I am up for it. My writing has become important to me, so why not see if others can find something in my writing that might make them think, remember, or find healing. Raphael suggested I tell the story of my experience raising a terminally ill daughter. Jessie and Bryan encouraged me to do this two years ago. My manuscript is still why not. This whole experience is liberating me from my own demise...

Oh and did I say how beautiful the houses were up north in Jamie's neighborhood. Her backyard was HUGE. Great garden party. I was glad I stopped off at Trader Joe's for some treat gifts for her. They ate the double chocolate chip cake up in a flash! Talking about food was a good ice breaker, and they started it. I felt at home.

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Pearl said...

great. how wonderfully things open when you say yes to life!