Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Week Is Long Gone

Thank goodness.

Between the family death and a few other horrors, I am glad to say I can breathe.

We went into NYC for a four day weekend and it was a blast. The walking gets me, but between a food show and blogger gathering, shopping, eating lots of great places with my son and hubs, and the food truck mile...I am refreshed!

Yay! I'm doing the Zombie Dance. Yes, Zombies dance.

Above in my photo is a writer/publisher friend who lives in NYC. He met us at Wong off Cornealia Street. He is very nice and a fun witty associate in the performance and writing groups I have attended in North Jersey and NYC. Great fun.

Oh yes, Z-composition April issue is up. Artwork is still pending permission, but looking great!

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Pearl said...

good to hear. and, yes, NYC is fun.