Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peaceful Places


This photo was taken while fishing up in northern Jersey in the fall. One of my favorite times to get out on the water for trout fishing. I grew up on the water, and in a boat fishing. My heart and pen find such poetry there...

This poem and photo were published last year in a magazine, and in the Delaware River Poets Journal of Lambertville, NJ...

'PRETTY BROOK' (Re-vision 2)

Sputtering brook
winding down
as far as eyes can see
just past our way
fish jump
hearts pump
as lines are cast
the fresh taste of things to come...

Cast iron heat
with a little oil, cornmeal
breading and baiting
patience and waiting
listen to geese, bullfrogs
small birds, the breeze
the quiet moments we steal...

Watch men in waders pass by
in and out of glory
their big fish stories
dip down
into watery holes, up to their knees...

You and me,
a pole, wiggly worms and hook
sharing landscape
full of more history than fish
mile for mile
casting a new path, down off Pretty Brook...

- E Stelling, 2008 © Revised 8/25/08


Patty said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful poem. What more can I say?

HoodChick said...

I used to love the peace of fishing. Captain Clueless doesn't do much outside besides play ball or mow grass. Sigh.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

You are so talented Elizabeth!!! Always inspiration at your place. I feel like I'm visitng an old friend when I drop by here (and NO, I didn't cal you old, lol).
Hey wait...........I'm so behind.....did I read something about your car being stolen? WHAT??
I left you a little love on my post today gal :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Gordon said...

I enjoy browsing your blog, Elizabeth. Your poem is very thought provoking. I dedicated one to you on my blog. See you on Friday. Walk With Faith, Gordon

Linda said...

Your fishing places are places I could daydream. Do you cook what you catch? What is your favourite? When Barry and I were first married, a guy took us out in a boat in Lake Huron. Barry caught a Northern Pike and the guy stopped the boat by some rocks, we got out of the boat, made a fire and cooked the fish for lunch. That fish was so good! 1970... once in a lifetime. =D