Thursday, May 7, 2009

Food For Thought

I am going to be quite frank today, and I know most of you will say that is not unusual for me, but I am going to say something negative. I had a pretty crummy, okay shitty Mother's Day. Neither of the men in my life really need my excuses for their behavior, and I still love them. Hubby has worked the past month 24/7 (even this Saturday), and feels he just wants to stay in doors and relax, no dinner out. My son works his job at 3:30 AM till late afternoon, and is in college doing very well I might add. He has to go to bed at 9 PM our time to get up that early. Plus him and I share May and June birthdays with other holiday's that get more attention than we do; although I always tried to make sure he got his share since I knew how he would feel growing up.

My son turns 22 today, and I am very proud of him, but no excuses are in order for him not calling me yesterday. Yes, I am pissed at him. He text me this morning, so I text him back, and told him I was angry. Unfortunately he also grew up most of his influenced childhood with a 'real' father who was a cheap bastard. He never took the kids shopping for cards, or gifts for any holidays, and I am afraid he does not realize this hurts me. Even though I have told him more than once. Hubby too. He just calls his mom on the phone, and that is it. The whole family is that way, except for the children birthday's in his family.

On top of it a blog keeps coming to my sight that said he would not follow me anymore, and left a message yesterday saying "You are dumber than a new born cow". Who does that, are they that pissed off that they cannot move on? I noticed he did remove the comment, so I hope he realized his actions speak louder than words. I did however post that poem for him, to send him a message that I do think about him, and how creative he is. I have a heart.

Okay I have vented, and have to realize that our country has so many holidays for so many reasons that I tend to agree with my European friends...we are to much of a 'Hallmark Greeting Card' country... I should be adorned with love and affection from my two boys no matter what time of year it is, and usually do...


Okay now that I have said that...

I borrowed this from Brittany @ 'Food For Thought'...

Lets play 'Would you rather'... (Some of my answers are the same as hers)

Always have to write with your other hand or with one eye shut?
Write with the other hand.
I am almost ambidextrous. I am also dyslexic, so sometimes I pick up the pen with the wrong hand anyway, or depends on what is in the other hand...

Walk in circles through a spinning door a thousand times or hang upside-down for 3 hours?
Hang upside-down.

Wear a bicycle helmet everywhere you go or carry an open umbrella everywhere?
Skin cancer is gross, and it runs in my family...

Be the first person to land on Mars or the first one to live on the moon?
Who comes up with these questions?! Somebody from Texas?

Kiss a monkey or eat a bite of dog food?
Kiss a monkey.
Look at that pucker! :)
Be the fastest runner in the world or the fastest reader?
Hands down... the fastest reader.
I love books!

Walk on water anytime you want or fly for 3 hours, but only 3 different times in your life?
I always dream about flying...

Sleep each night on a hammock 3 stories above the ground or sleep each night on an air filled pool mattress floating in a pond of baby sharks?

Have a jar of jellybeans that never goes empty or a magical stereo that can play any song you want?
Jelly beans.
Preferably, I would want lemon and cherry flavor

Spend the rest of your life in a submarine or in a space ship?
Oh man this one is the really hard one, since I have a fear of drowning, but either you might linger before your lead is gone...


Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a crappy mother's day. Hope the rest of the week improves.

girlichef said...

I felt sad, then you made me smile..and truely, every day or any day is a day to celebrate the wonder of mothers!!! And you are wonderful! (what...dumber than...what!? I'm so sorry about that...why! Just why?) Buck up woman, we luv ya!

Chef E said...

This was meant to express how we can be sad and happy in the same moments of life...a mothers heart is that of sad and happy as we watch our children grow up...

girlichef said...

I definitely got that. Very touching.

Chris said...

Sorry about your Mum's day. Don't get why people who don't like a blog for whatever reason keep coming back. Don't they have the little red X in the upper right corner of their screen?