Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fallen Dreams

When we are born, and find there are many paths in life, we begin to dream. Dreaming about our future, love, faces we miss dearly, work, flying, things that scare us (like our future), people we love, people we might despise, but still should love; then sometimes we dream about falling. Funny how you can wake up and feel like it is so real.

Falling in a dream can mean so many things. Falling in love, in lust, and even into arms of someone you might not have ever thought you could ever! Falling from the sky, off a cliff, or just falling means you might be stressed or worried about something or someone. I read that if you dream about someone falling; it might mean they need your support.

I had a dream the other night about someone I know as a fellow chef, a musician and good friend, we are the same age, and I continue to look forward to our talks at open mic. He has worked very hard to get to his position in life as an executive chef. In my dream he and I fell into a place that I would never have imagined. I saw him last night with his big grin, and hugs. I found out that on the day he fell into my arms, he was fired from his job...

My dreams over the years of life's path for me, my wants, my desires have come at a price. Getting older is a hard road to travel, but I do it with all the strength and gusto I can. You find with your own children their dreams over shadow, or mingle with your own, but we have to let them travel their own roads. Have their own dreams.

Day dreaming is something I can't help do on occasion... When it rains literally or figuratively; day dreaming is a good escape...

Friends and blogs have shared some life changing and eventful dreams that are either exciting, shattered, altered, and even still possible. This helps for us to see we all share similar circumstance in one way or another. I cannot stop dreaming, nor want to. Whether sleeping, or awake...let the rain fall!

For you who hurt, lovers, Texas, and friend-

(Taking Cover) A Hard Rain

Something about a hard rain
when it comes down
through trees to the ground
taking cover like people do
just in time and just enough

travels through hair- over noses
lovers embrace- strangers watch
quiet kisses- moments in time

washes over- turns into streams
quenches thirst- starts fires
scattered clouds- here for all time

Something about a hard rain
when it comes down, I cannot complain...

- © E Stelling, 2008

My first book, and one of my dreams will be finished I am hoping by next Spring...'Taking Cover'.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Muah TY what a beautiful post and poem. Much love coming you way!

girlichef said...

I have major love for a good, hard rain...I love this :)

dash deringer said...

Have you figured it out?

hope so... luv ya!

Gordon said...

That's deep stuff! It is so appropriate for us this week. I don't know how many inches of rain we have had. If I guessed, it would be about 20. Thanks for sharing your poetry with me. Are you going to post a picture of your long pretty hair in "Paint The Town Red"?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and thought-provoking post. Pretty poem.

Anonymous said...

It is intersting the paths life can take sometimes.

Good luck with the book.

Chris said...

Sometimes when I dream I'm falling, it's because I've rolled off of the bed.....

Me? Smart ass? nah.