Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FSO- The 'Garden' State, New Jersey

Today's 'Friday Shoot Out' theme was picked by GiGi, and is Gardens...

Of course since I live in what is deemed 'The Garden State'; then I feel I have free reign with my photo opts. We have had a late spring arrival here in the north east, and with that late rains and a chill. I have a feeling I will not be getting in the pool as soon as I had hoped. Do you ever wonder why the license plates for each state dub their territory the way they do?

'My own back yard is a garden playground, and speaking of playing I took liberties with this in photo shop; its called paintbrush- scatter leaf, and an extra pink bush. Is it that obvious...Rain, Rain, go away...'

With the rain in mind I was worried I would have yet another 'drive-by' shoot out with my garden theme. That might not go over so well with the neighbors or city, as I might leave wheel tracks all over the place, or get stuck, and look like a fool to the triple AAA hook up.

My favorite mom and pop gardening center, Perna's. A great place for a bouquet of flowers for your loved ones, or garden plants...and also my hubby's boss is their son. They both work at the building right behind this shop..."Hi Sweetie"!

Low and behold the sun came through for me! On the way home with my trusty shooter at my side I started thinking about what beautiful gardens I could visit in the area! Hmmm, that is a good one, and then it dawned on me. Asking a few people here and there I was directed to Philly, or South Jersey. Do they not realize it dawned on me that the whole freaking central, eastern, western, and parts of the southern state are a huge garden. Road Trip!

'Most businesses, and homes have some kind of ornamental ground cover anytime of the year'!

I did not have my GPS in the car, but what a beautiful reason to get lost with my windows rolled down. On the way I asked a few people why Jersey was called the Garden State. The woman who had a bad day next to me at the nail salon said she thought it was because of the trees. The woman power walking down a road said it was because it was so lush and green most of the year. A man putting gas in his truck said he really did not know, so I told him to take a guess. He said maybe because of Plainsboro (ah where my mail comes from). I ask him why, and he said they have farms that still run in the area, and maybe the whole state at one time was farm land. Good guess, but there has to be more to this; (and yes, I am not afraid to ask a stranger, strange questions)it has to take more than just its famous tomato to dub New Jersey the Garden State.

"Knock, Knock...Anyone home"? I ask at the only house for miles that even remotely has a garden on both sides of the house. The woman peeks out of her door, and I explain what the heck I am doing. You know people up here, they think I am fully loaded with bull honky for even driving into their driveway, lol, but she says I may wade through her mucky yard and take my photos, but she wanted nothing to do with being in them, oh no!

'Possibly a romantic spot for a 'Texas' I do?'

'How smart of her to have built a covered Gazebo for her company to have some tea, and the swing is for lovers!'

'Or perhaps they do Ti Chi next to the babbling fountain, and she looked like she could take me if I caused a ruckus! No really can you imagine the agility to keep these three acres so nice?'

'Oops I just realized I did not look into the water for Koi...'

'Room for growth...'

'Her front yard, and it faces the main highway, and that was a challenge shooting in rush hour in between cars going past!'

'My kind of spot! I would prefer a hammock, but a blanket on the grass and a good book would suffice...'

'I have always wondered about the license plate statement for New Jersey, and have continued to get the same response. No one seems to really know, so I make my own assumptions...'

'A little moment of silence would not hurt me now and then...'

'Beauty in objects of all forms... dot our universe we so lorn...'

'As I return to my car and switch on the radio, Willie Nelson begins to belt out "On the road again...", so I am off in pursuit of...more photos of course!'

The northern part of the state is referred to the arm pit of New York, and believe me certain areas stink, you loose the green surroundings, and suddenly you are obviously coming close to a very populated city.

New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the Union, New Jersey has never forsaken its love affair with its bucolic beginnings. Every year, more and more visitors, both in-state and out, are fortunate enough to discover that secret.

Hidden from the hubbub of its cities and the commercialism behind acres and acres of trees, ornamental bushes, and beautiful lush green grass. Of course you are bound to run into many deer along the way too! Seriously you should see the hood of my van...

I find homes like this have no need of a garden when they are surrounded by such majestic green beauty...

'I stumble upon a private entrance to a garden? Perhaps more Ti Chi...or, even a secret society that was kind enough to include a handicap entrance for unsuspecting guests...'

'Un-kept gardens await their dressings, as rain remains their cover...'

'Older homes in the area do not have much of a yard, so rather than unsightly over growth, or a la natural as some might try and say, you would find a quaint touch of this and that...'

New Jersey is not know for its highways and byways, but quite the opposite. Winding roads, dead ends, and unknowingly you might find yourself lost in your own back yard!

When low and behold you find your self on a small bridge and you see what someone else has in their back yard! Darn it if I did not forget my license, pole, and bait!

'The other side you ask! You betcha, this is what a few million dollars will buy you in Jersey!'

'Can you scream PRIVACY!'

'Lovely names of all the streets...'

'I think I hear the Jersey Devil riding in on the mist, so I am going home now!'

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Gordon said...

What a refreshing post that was! The last "mist" picture reminds me of early morning mist. a magical time that some people never experience in their lifetime. Great stuff!

Owl Eng said...

Beautiful!! there's magical feel in every pic.

Gordon said...

I want to read some of your poetry. Gordon

Sarah Lulu said...

Everything is so so very green!!!

Such a change for me to see ...mine look so brown by comparison ....send some of your rain to my part of Australia.

Loved the garden shop too.

Elaine Dale said...

This is an awesome post - such variety! My hands down favorite photo is the one of the "mom and pop" garden centre, it's gorgeous and quirky! Wish I'd been along for the madcap drive!

Kim said...

What a great adventure...

Thanks for taking us into the neighboring gardens.

girlichef said...

Everything's so pretty! Love your play by play ;)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What a beautiful post, just love all the photos my dear!

Rachel Cotterill said...

The flower stall is my favourite - though I love those shots of the river & woodland, too... and the others.... :)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Arrrg, I've been having internet issues today Elizabeth!! How annoying.......
That's not a crazy question, I think that'a a great question that you were asking and I really liked the different answers. Isn't amazing how you can stop a stranger for a snapshot and/or a question and they usually oblidge when at other times, they wouldn't give you the time of day??? I'm intrigued by that......
I love, love, love your pics and I love the tinge of color you added....I think it's nice :)
It would be hard for me to pick a favorite here with all this beauty shown........but I do love the one with the fog/mist in the background quite a lot.
You're precious and such a breath of fresh air with your bubbling personality. I'm betting you are one of those girls who has a bubbly deppfelt laugh :)
Have and EXTREME weekend and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Missy said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, they're nice and mostly green and I love the gazebo :-) And you're brave enough to ask strangers about Jersey as the garden state, so what's really the answer for this then?

J9 said...

Wow! We certainly got everything in your post - the gardens, which were quite lovely, and the woman on the street interviews, and the fact that the NJ school system can't get adults to remember why the motto is what it is - I bet if you'd asked a fouth grader they would have known! I like th eroad trip and tour!

Girl Rants said...

awesome shotz

Doreen said...

what a fantastic series of photos! I think you have covered everything pertaining to gardens. awesome post!!

Barry said...

What a beautiful introduction to your state. As a Canadian, I confess to knowing little about your state, having only driven through it once on the way to Atlantic City.

Since all I did was loose money there, your photos made me wish I'd turned off and spent my meager funds more wisely on some sightseeing.

You will make a great addition to FSO!