Saturday, April 25, 2009


I publicly admit that I make mistakes, but I do not remember sending out the Bat signal, or calling for Mighty Mouse to come and save my career or my blog. I have to go back over my work all the time with a fine tooth comb, always have. I have been successful in my career as a mother, creative consultant, business owner, friend, partner, lover, poet, writer, volunteer, and cook (but I hate doing laundry). I earned the title of being called chef in my own right, and we are allowed to have bragging rights. How do I know this, because I continue to get called, and paid for jobs that I am asked to do on a regular basis. I have been reviewed in many of my ventures, and they were all good reviews and I appreciated every kind word. I once recently did not word a compliment on a good blog friends site, and looked like an ass, but I made my apologizes in all sincerity. Apology was accepted.

Cooking in a home kitchen/personal chef does not have to be perfect, nor do I feel I would get a good job offer from my blogs, well actually I did. Most just want their food to taste good. The blog sphere realm is composed of a play ground to relax. People who want to show off their talents are on Food Network, cooking challenge shows, and a few have blogs, but I do not claim to be that in any form. A person has the right to show their talents. I never cared about being popular, or about being a celebrity, and contests make me crazy. My daughters care and passing took a toll on me, so I just want to relax. Come if you want, if you do not like my work, move on.

My career experience started in this order- self taught artist, fast food, hospital/Dietitian Assistant, banquet cook/server, hairdresser/salon owner (oh yeah, but still creative), my own catering company, consulting, Culinary School kitchen coordinator assistant (lot of hats- teachers assistant, catering, procurement), B&B Chef, Manager at several restaurants, line cook, but my one desire was never to be a perfect in any field. Just do my best, and learn as much as I can. Why? Because in most careers where there is a lot of stress, standing on your feet ten hours a day for pennies, and most places have a revolving door policy that can cause a person to possibly desire checking out of one's life. My father always said that life is too short to worry about if you have your p's and q's in order, and just do your best, and most will appreciate that. I teach my new students that you will never find out what you do not like, or what you are really good at until you try, and a good cry now and then helps release. Some break plates, throw things, hit and belittle people. Before I die I never want to tell my grand kids I had any regrets, because I do not have many.

Like starting to blog. I am the type of person that could careless how food looks when it is set down in front of me, or your photos, they are our own works. Perfect to me. Friends, company, flavors, are more important that eye appeal to me. The restaurant is a different story. God for bide I ever hear Gordan Ramsey is coming over to my house for dinner after watching him saying the F word all over the place. I call that kind of perfectionist a 'Screamer' who scares people into being what he is, and yes only one will be left standing in most cases. I will shove a glass of scotch into his hands at the front door to get him to loosen up. Seems he also has a thing for cute petite women, so maybe I would let my neighbor answer my door to bring on that smile. He is not the most attractive man in my opinion, but when he smiles he is. Let him come, because I know I need a few reminders in plating, I admit that fault!

I believe that by trying many positions in your field you may eventually find the one that fits. Mine is teaching. I love it. Why do I feel I have to explain myself here? I was born with a blindness in one of my eyes, so I knew life was going to be a challenge, and I took it on. My eye sight is slowly getting worse. Hubby even has had a torn retina and surgery, so we know one day we will have to hire help, and definitely a driver. I tell you what I really miss- my needle work I use to be really good at, but trying to hold a magnifying glass, a hoop, and small needles do not work so good together. Sure, a lot of people have disabilities, and we deal with them the best way we can, right?

Definition of a PUTZ-

#1- Urban Dictionary: Literally, vulgar slang for penis, not to be used lightly. More offensive than schmuck, which can be used affectionately or teasingly.

#2- (n) a stupid, ignorant person; someone who doesn't pay attention to anything going on; one who makes stupid remarks
**bumps into a pole on the sidewalk, then a person, keeps going** J: what a putz! didn't he see me here??"

#3- Used also to describe someone who is taking their time in a lazy manner. This is akin to saying that someone was lazy for an undefined period of time (see putzing, putzes, or putzed).

Joe was a putz with his computer.
Chuck putzes in his office.
Matt putzed on the golf course all day.

Yes, I was called a putz the other day by someone who feels they have to point out others imperfections, or if they do not live up to what is believed to be perfection due to title; then they make it their job to field mistakes (only their definition). I let it get to me, but I will vent, and move on. I have chosen the option to delete any mean comments from now on. Many blogs tell me they do it, or add it to a post to give the 'opinion blog police' a message. Wait is anyone perfect? Is being perfect a life requirement? Do we have the right to police others actions? Did I miss something in the section on being Blog Police?

According to the first definition for putz; I was basically called a dirty...

* blue-veined junket pumper
* boner
* cock
* dick
* ding dong
* dipstick
* dong
* dork
* doughnut holder
* firm worm
* free willy
* goober
* hairy bagpipes
* hang down
* hard on
* John Thomas
* joy stick
* knob
* love muscle
* love stick
* love truncheon
* male organ
* meat
* meat whistle
* member
* organic dildo
* ol' one-eye
* one-eyed trouser snake
* pecker
* pee-pee
* pee stick
* percy
* peter
* piece of pork
* pink oboe
* pole
* pork sword
* prick
* purple-headed trouser snake
* pussy plunger
* rod
* root
* salty dog
* schlong
* skin flute
* spunk stick
* stiffy
* tally wanker
* throbber
* throbbing python of love
* tool
* trouser trout
* wanker
* wee-wee
* wiener
* wienie
* wife's best friend
* willy
* woody

or what ever you might call a man's womanizer...because I am definitely not an idiot!

If they meant the third definition then I admit I have taken my councilors advise and have slowed down a bit. When I finish this I am kicking back on the sofa for the rest of the day with my hubby. I am just like all human beings stumbling through life, learning through my mistakes, correcting as I go, if it does not work; then I move else do we learn? Pointing out someones mistakes to extend some tough love without the person asking for it, not right! Both my parents died six years ago. I do not want or need another parent. Hubby and son love me just the way I am, and that is enough parenting right there! Admitting when you make a mistake, if you feel you have made one... makes life healthier, and I apologize when I might point out someones mistake (my opinion), but rarely call anyone out in a Ramsey manner, or publicly call people names for that fact. Being picked on by bullies growing up taught me that gets you no where in life. I have however lately come to a few peoples defense when a bully was beating them up! *swosh* down the crapper with that long dirty slong poo, and open our positive valve!

Well, I will admit to something I did recently that was a doozy, but not 'putzy', more shmucky (hubby likes female anatomy)...

I was about to unload the dishwasher and had forgotten I unloaded most of it the night before. There were a few glasses left, along with some plates on the bottom rack. My whole week was stressing me out, so I was bound to snap. Hubby and I never fight, but I let something he did get to me; when I know he deserves what ever his little heart desires. What did I do? I look down and see the glasses and plates and say to him "Please, let me load the dishwasher, because I cannot stand the way you do it" in a sharp tone. He looks at me and says "I have worked late every night, and have not touched it" in an innocent tone.

Lord, then I remembered putting the glasses on the bottom on the last cleaning cycle. Hubby has been eating a lot of cereal lately with my busy schedule and his coming home late, and taking the food I do cook for lunches. The top rack had been overstuffed, and with only a few plates I put them on the bottom. I was the one who did what I was accusing him. I apologized and he agreed...we are only allowed to be 'schmucks' once in a long long long long long while *smooch*...

Here you will find someone who call themselves a 'Cranky Putz'...

I know I owe no one any sort of explanation for what I do in my personal life, but I felt I had to say what I have said to this blog many times through comments, emails, and phone calls...This is the last time. Have a nice day, and give someone a random act of kindness sometime!


Mindy said...

Elizabeth, You shouldn't let these people get to you. Obviously they have problems if they're roaming the internet looking for people to put down. If they don't like what you say or cook or plate or photograph, they can move on. It's not like we're talking politics on our food blogs! And I applaud you for taking a stand and just deleting their comments and not engaging them at all. Because what they're looking for is engagement, and eventually they'll move on to someone else who will try to fight with their irrational behavior.

You'll probably see more and more of these weirdos as you gain more and more readership, so I guess you should brace yourself, but at the same time, know that there are many, many, many more of us who enjoy your blog(s), food, photography and humor! We count ourselves lucky to know you, even if it is only through the blogosphere.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm totally with you on taste over presentation. (And personally I prefer quantity over presentation as well, I've been to too many fancy places where you're still hungry when you leave!!)

I love your career description, I like the idea of keeping things changing - keeps it interesting, right? :)

Oh, and I have dodgy eyesight, too... it doesn't stop me doing most of what I want (but I'll never be allowed to drive).

girlichef said...

Yes, the right thing to do is probably delete them. The ones that I've gotten, I've left up, just so others could see (and hopefully take my side, of course)...I'm never really sure what to do in these cases. So, vent, let it out, be yourself cuz that's the way we like ya :)

...oh, and can I just say that in "real" life, Ramsey is a sweetheart! I met him when he was here in South Bend filming Kitchen kind, generous and giving of his time....that Hell's Kitchen persona is totally made up for ratings!!!...(so take that) ha ha ha

Chef E said...

Thanks youz guyz (jersey accent) I am just venting...hubby's funny idea for the photo tweak above!

Girlie- put your fists in the air :)

Well he does a damn good job of scaring me! I have seen him relaxed in interviews too, and know a good woman handing him a scotch would make him your friend for life!

Chef E said...

Oh and here is the latest comment I I do not know who did this...or put someone up to it...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Surf & Turf":

still sloppy! monfongo is incorrect - ripe plantains is incorrect....and I am not even going to say anything about the dog food you are calling poke - your friend guillermo

They would know what dog food was like :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl another comment, what the heck. MOVE on dude!

Love the post and you never have to appoligize or justify, but it's always makes us feel better to do so.

Love ya girl and all your insight and beautiful food. I would be honored to have any of it :).

dash deringer said...

You're too much - but I like it...
thanks by the way... for what you said over there...

Hit 40 said...

Thank you for hopping by my blog and leaving a note!

I will try to remember not to call you a putz. It seems to have a lot of meaning for you


Anonymous said...

You can't worry too much about what people say.

There will always be somebody who doesn't like what you're doing.

Sorry you had a rough experience.

I just delete the comment you don't like and move on (without giving them another thought).

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

gag me with a spoon sideways. I thought it was rather rich that you did the defintion like he did to you. nothing like a know they just grow up to be bigger bullies to hide what timid little scum they really are.

I rather lick a public toilet seat than get advice from him.

Debra said...

Screw the jackasses! Not literally, of course. hee,hee! You are one hell of a woman, friend, mother, wife, chef, hair stylist... 'nough said!