Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wine Art Music Poetry Project- Outdoor Festival

Or known as WAMPP- "Poetry and Music can be wondrous healing factors in one's life"- This is something I have wanted to get off the ground since my open mic, Cultural Art Expression group began a year and a half ago.
  • Musicians
  • Artist
  • Poets
  • Writers/Authors
  • Children Performers
  • Playwrights
  • Wine
  • Food
  • Children Activities
  • Art Gallery
  • Sculptures
All will be available for your pleasure, and entertainment will collaborate upon two stages while the public enjoys their works for free in Pennington, NJ. 

The photo above is the muse for the artwork being designed for our posters and signs, as well as an idea I had when reading one evening. Between Bryan, Jessie Carty @ 58 Inches, Annmarie @ Vox Poetica , and many others I now read and follow, I feel it was appropriate to place their books together for the photo. Well, along with one of my favorites, Shakespeare.

BTW- not to interrupt this programming for us ADHD readers, but Annmarie host a weekly Thursday Podcast each week, go check it out and you can hear past guest read their works which I believe is the coolest show, and a good way to hear how a poet intended for their works to be heard!

Things are moving along with WAMPP, as we are waiting for some zoning permits, and such. Alisandra W. at Straube Center is the most delightful girl. She initially contacted me to hold the event on her bosses property, and is an Art Major and has the passion to help make this possible. Straube Center is a non-profit Art and Sculpture Garden located on a sprawling few acres or more of land still housing the original Contreau Distillery. Such a cool space for the hopefully 'annual' event!

I need more poets. Plenty of musicians available, but I am hoping, so cross your fingers more poets will want to come out and be a part of this great cause.

This event will be raising money with a partnership of The American Heart Association, Straube Center, and I for Children's- Congenital Heart Disease. Something close to home, as most of you know my daughter Anelisa Diane Dillion passed away almost ten years ago from this birth defect.

Thank you everyone for making this possible. I believe Charity is part of what makes us caring human beings. Not just the money, but giving our time, outside of work and family. More details as they come...


Elizabeth Dillion-Stelling

I also would like to thank Brooke S. Rochon, Web Designer/Graphic Artist for her charity in designing artwork for WAMPP, among other things she has done for me lately. She is an awesome graphic artist, and artist. Brooke You Rock!


Annmarie said...

This is going to be an awesome event! I am looking forward to participating, lining up poets as we speak!

dash deringer said...

you have a new project - my head is spinning!!!
this sounds really cool and I wish you the best of luck - I also wish I could be there to participate, but at the moment I can't go anywhere until I finish what I am working on down here... but I am sending you positive energy and hope everything turns out well - will you be filming this or taking photos for us who can't make it? hope so....

farmlady said...

You are awesome! I didn't know about your daughter, but those who choose to move beyond the tragedies of life and contribute their efforts to make the world a better place are in a special class...AWESOME.
I wish you a wonderful festival....Wine, Art, Music and Poetry.. what a great combination. This is a worthy cause and honors your daughter.

Ann said...

Good luck to your good cause, and a great way as a cause to remember your daughter.

Toon said...

I'm taking two poetry classes next month -- I'm sure I'll know everything about it after that! :/

Bryan Borland said...

Not sure if I'll be able to make it or not - there's a snowball's chance in hell I'll be in California that month (I'll know near the middle of May), but maybe I can write a few poems to be read? Surely I can find a lovely volunteer who could read a few of my poems?