Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Napowrimo #27 & #28- Read Write Poem Prompt

I wish there were more hours in a day- I miss doing these prompts from Read Write Poem (on my side bar) that usually lead to other works, words spreading across my page, and opening up cans of forgotten feelings, stolen moments, hard times, and streets with a different kind of pavement to rock my feet. -E

Arthur Koestler wrote: “The moment of truth, the sudden emergence of a new insight, is an act of intuition.” Akin to a “sixth sense,” intuition brings pieces together. It gives the gift of heightened awareness.

Six Sense

Maybe things are born
to die for a purpose

life lines, memory kinds
daughter to daughter

intuition filled sad eyes
saving a life for a life

contained all in a moment
doctors muffled voice

noises of the street
blender and juicer beets

be sure when storms arrive
awnings are wrapped up tight

useless, standing in the rain, cold
waiting for the light, already on

almost never, dead wrong...

Take a word that’s part of you — your name, your birth month, your favorite animal, your guiding principle. Write that word vertically down a page and use the letters to start the lines of a poem. When you’re done, you’ll have an acrostic poem. (Though the prompt could be as simple as “write an acrostic poem,” the word sounds scary this late in the month. This prompt is designed to ease you into the final stretch. Don’t stress too much about the word you choose. NaPoWriMo is just for fun. Are you having fun?)

Equally fulfilled
Lighthearted, full of memories
Inside, outer beauty
Zealously pursues perfection
Alcoves scattered about worlds
Bewitching ones self
Enchanted with life
Things left unsaid shall not change what is apparent, but
Hence the need for words to move the day…


Jessie Carty said...

Really like the opening of the first poem and the concrete images like the juicer and such :)

Robin said...

Hi Elizabeth--REALLY enjoyed your first poem.

flaubert said...

Both quite well done Elizabeth.

Katherine said...

Elizabeth this was a beautifully moving poem my friend. :) I'm going back to my blog to give the name thing a go.