Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birds Of Prey

I know I posted a similar photo some time ago, but I have a more suited poem for it now- Thanks to my poet friend Bryan who posted this poem called 'Gluttony'-

Past images of 'Gluttony', my mothers banana pudding
so sweet, finger licking goodness, over ripe fruit

Pyrex is a sitting duck on morning table
signals 'CAW CAW' ring out, run! she is

lurking, perched, ready to swoop down
scold you for eating too much

of what she herself will, has
gorged upon, no evidence seen- like vultures

who wait for their road kill,
kids unaware playing in life streets-

Mother birds with light sensitive squinty eyes
like Great Owls who perch,

on the wing Griffon- behind waiting doors,
waiting for prey, their

children who fall, stumble into sticky
situations; even when unwanted

the hunter swoops down
stage light shadow interrogations

rapere- pecking bloody mar and damage
uncontrollable urges to swallow their children

whole, a consumption, uncontrolled rage from
memories of bigger prey, wounds licked,

time forgotten; their own turn tail
Makeshift marauders on a hunt

With time, evolution -
creates new world keen sense of vision

tall tail love birds, mating for life
building nests from scraps left to fate

learning to let their babies fall, diversify
the nest, fending for themselves-

surviving on lessons learned, natural
selection skill, heartfelt feathery comforting.

© E Stelling 2010


ARUNA said...

wow this is awesome.....never knew this angle of u!!!

Katherine said...

This is fantastic! Bryan is very good indeed! And the photo goes so perfectly with it!

Bryan Borland said...

Outstanding! If I inspired you to write this, you better keep visiting me because I want more, more, more of this!!!

And don't tell anyone, but the banana pudding referenced in my poem was really just plain ol' banana pudding! I didn't mean anything sexual! :)