Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am happy!

I am always happy, is there any other reason I should be otherwise?


Just freakin' happy! Happy happy happy!!!

I began some Master Wine and Scotch classes today, and things are going well. No negative person in my life is going to stop me from attaining my goal of success.

I was already ahead of many in the class from my previous education and new many of the answers he asked us, and the only one taking notes.

We tried an oak barrel aged beer with the smoky scotch and wines to learn to detect the flavors.

Two online electronic magazines accepted me as a food and wine writer, in spite of the negative remarks Mr. So & So has thrown at me the past year, and I will get paid for my work.

I am doing a happy dance right now, and stompin out the negative baby!!!

My writing has been fine, and will only get better with practice.

When you are raising a family and in the workplace where writing does not really take place, then sure we all have mistakes, but how else do we learn in life if we are so damn perfect???

Well nobody is perfect baby!

Ha! There you asinine trouble makers out there!!! Take my happiness and turn it into some happiness for yourself-

love you anyway negative So & Sos, cause that is the way I roll,

Chef E
E Stelling

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Katherine said...

And that is a great way to roll too Elizabeth!