Sunday, April 4, 2010

Muse Monday 18- A Place to Meditate

Springs Dragonfly

Moving about, camouflaged by dancing leaves
a voyeur soul, on fussy winds they ride
backdrop of timeless color, their secret life along riverside,
back road trails, front yard garden, grandmothers screen door entry
softly in, comes morning light- drifts across landscapes
early morning drips, dew filled tires, lazy afternoons,
a world comes alive, but so still they wait; until a reason to fly
get close enough, lay down your head, hear their quiet

© E Stelling, 10/18/08


Katherine said...

This was lovely Elizabeth..I love the sound of quiet! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

gigi said...

Very nice. happy Easter and Spring.

Toon said...

Those old concrete benches creep me out for some reason. They look cemetarian or something. Nice poem, though. Lovely.

Jeanne said...

Another experiment in flavors (and images).

Bryan Borland said...

"hear their quiet" - Very clever, Chef. I can hear it.