Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Shoot Out- Celebrate Life!

Sometimes we celebrate in the kookiest ways...and sometimes we celebrate life in the most loving ways...

Well, I have been (re)celebrating life for the past three weeks! In Texas...

I lost my daughter almost exactly nine years ago, and have been trying to re-define my life the past few years with work changes, and other life altering 'who moved my cheese' experiences.

With new friends here in New Jersey, and new 'old' friends in Texas...I have done some positive re-enforcement in the celebrating life area!

My childhood friend, Cheryl (above), and her twin sister Carol (and hubby Buster) took me out for my 48 birthday...we are showing you that not only our attitudes are big, but what is behind us is not too shabby!

They embarrass you and make you do this chicken dance thing with a hat on, and a beak that is really a water cooler cup... In front of the whole restaurant!

Sorry for the phone camera shots...they teased me for not having that camera at my side like it was during my cooking sessions!

Got Icing! Michelle made me homemade sweet butter cream chocolate cupcakes...

I also met up with another friend before I left...

Joyce...she and I went to visit the old 'Celebrating' haunts down off Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas, and laughed at some things we used to dancing the night away at 'Service Bar'...

Allie @ Fresh Confessions of a Screwed Up Texan and I met up...turns out she grew up not far from me, and her mom and I went to the same high school!

Then another old friend, Danny, and his wife Cathy took me back to Babe's for some more good ole country cooking...and...

I got Cheryl back...BIG TIME!

Can you say...bawk bawk bawk, or is it chirp chirp chirp? LMAO! She was so surprised! Her birthday is in July, and I will not be there to help her celebrate, so an early one was due!

I am glad to be back home, but I sure like the friends I still have, and the ones I have made through Friday Shoot Out, and in the blog world!

Life is good not matter what it throws at ya! Hope ya'll celebrate in the best way!

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Next weeks assignment...'TEXTURES', and that leaves me a lot of room for creativity...


Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL love the pictures and the water cooler cup .. :) too funny!

Looks like too much fun and digging the icing ... yummy!

Rebecca said...

Lots of fun activity in your life!

Zaroga said...

You know how to celebrate!

Patty said...

Like the cell phone takes. One day we should all use cell phones and see what we come up with.

No better way to celebrate life than to do the chicken dance. Heehe.

Great photos and post, ChefE.

You have a great time this weekend.

Happy 4th!

Linda said...

You captured a moment in time I laugh about now. I remember being with my friend Shirley and her many sisters in Diane's backyard one hot summer night. It was quiet, we were tired. I mentioned it was Friday and why weren't we out bar hopping? No one had the desire to do that. We were happier sitting and reflecting on our bar hopping days. Time passes. Thank you for sharing the 'Chicken Dance Memories".
Joy and bliss. xoxo

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Great life celebrating photos!

Hope you had a fun 4th!

Jeanne said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a great birthday! May the coming year be equally joyful.

BTW -- I've got a request out for dirty song titles -- I'm creating a play -- Blogging: The Musical. If you can throw something my way, I'd appreciate it! Especially since you inspired part of the plot....

Patty said...

Elizabeth, did Gordon tell you that you was his fill-in while he was in Alaska (lucky dog)?

Since it is his turn to pick someone to pick our assignment for July 17, it is now your turn to pick someone. Just make sure they are still participants. We are going to be dropping those who stopped doing the shootouts.

Shoot me an email when you find out what the assignment will be. We want to keep everyone updated.


Doreen said...

love your photos. reconnecting with old and new friends. fantastic! the ole chicken dance. that one will be with us forever won't it?

GigiSxm said...

partying like a rock star E