Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Shoot Out- Metal

Imagine field of wild grass that begins to sway in the hot summer wind of the old west. You can see for miles across the flat land before you come across a hill or two up ahead. Off in the distance... you might hear the faint cry of a skinny Longhorn calf stuck in a ranchers muddy sloped pond, and up over the brush suddenly...

...was the rough riding cowboy of the old west. In Texas they still celebrate the trail ride. Herding 'reminiscent' of what was breed from original Spanish cattle brought into this territory...through city streets, and into the market to sell they did come...

Longhorns were breed to endure the long hot summer months of the treacherous western trails. They're calf were the first and often the last to stand after a drought...

Cattle ranching once dominated this land...before cotton, wheat, and citrus farming ever was tried, and often failed...

The brightness of the already hot summer sun comes through my camera lens in these shots of bronze 'Idols' of my Texas heritage, and remind me why I only want to visit now.

The life of a cowboy was not glamorous in these parts, so they honor them with through out the area...

For some reason 'Put the metal to the petal' went wheeling through my mind, and that is just what I have been doing the past week and a half! I m visiting Texas, my birth place. We have been driving all over the DFW metroplex, and when I saw what this weeks theme was a few days past...I knew I had to make these babies the main attraction.

Before moving away in 2005, much of the north side of the burbs had already was disappearing. I learned how to drive on these old dirt roads. Now to see a farm or a ranch is a treat for me. Much of the land was used for grazing cattle. Many breeds of cows and horses dotted much of the landscape as you drove down old farm to market roads, but now strip malls and housing developments have replaced them on every waking corner.

This makes my heart sink each time I pass what seems to be a never ending stream of traffic and huge McMansions along each FM road that has been widen to astronomical proportion. Many say "Oh Texas is so big, and there is plenty of room", but it is barely an hour and half to the state line, and Oklahoma.

Some of this area is still cheap in taxes, and rich in wild grass, so we did see a small herd of longhorns grazing in one field a few days ago. Hubby and I went back to take a photo, but they were not to be seen. I will keep trying for that shot! I wonder what will happen before my next visit. Where will it all go?

Old Cowboys

Trails are long and windin’

Odors overwhelm my sense of smell

Horses, shit, and dusty winds

Cold nights… feelin’ hasty

Longing… and want ‘an

Your breast, your sweet face

Just days… hours from home

Long stops… long nights…lost sleep

Empty my gun for prosperity

Shot a rabbit for my dinner

Seemed like the finest meal;

that my stomach ever had

As the fire keeps me warm

Starry night sends me driftin’

Dreams… our house… kitchen

Moving through windows

Door off the old back porch

Hear… metal pots clankin’

Sunsets… evening breeze

You begin to chase… playfully

across grass… into fields

Our backyard… laundry hangs

You… my love… catch me… hit me;

falling… slowly… together…

your beautiful face… you…

dressed in soft cotton, and

with an old wooden spoon

Me… chewin on old memories,

like old cowboys do…

- © E Stelling, 2008 all rights reserved by author

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Audrey said...

What a great post! I love all of your pics. Good job.

ARUNA said...

these r all lovely pics Elizabeth!!!!

K said...

Great photos.

Gen said...

Great pics! I remember all those life size metal statues of cattle and horses all over Dallas. Neat stuff!

Jeanne said...

Love these pictures!

We see the same thing happening with Ohio farmland. When I was a kid, it was nothing but farms all the way from Dayton to Cincy; now suburbs sprawl the entire way.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Great pictures!! And an interesting post about long horns. I hope you get that shot of some real ones, I would love to see a picture like that. So, a Texas gal living in NJ. :-) I grew up with a gal from Texas when I was in school and I used to LOVE her accent. She in turn tried to lost the accent so that she would fit in better in NJ, and I always felt it was a shame! I hope you haven't lost yours. Have a good weekend, Debby

girlichef said...

These are cool photos! I missed another week w/ my crazy busy schedule!

Kim said...

Nice prose with some very interesting shots.

The artist really captured the emotion and energy of the cowboy life...

Doreen said...

I really like the longhorn statues. nice to have the history and story behind it all. great post!

Sarah Lulu said...

Elizabeth ...that was gorgeous!

A Scattering said...

A beautiful poetic post for the theme. You're quite a wordsmith.

Gordon said...

I have pictures of a few of my grandchildren on those longhorns. Memories# Thanks.

Natalie said...

Beautiful statues, and thanks for the words as well. Great stuff.xx♥

Barry said...

Excellent photos both powerful, graceful and sad all at the same time.

How much we so casually loose as we race toward the future.

Chef E said...

Thanks everyone...funny how a moment in time can speak so loudly, and I am glad I heard its call...

Butler and Bagman said...

Wow! Now that is an exciting shootout and almost seems like a real shootout! I want to go there!

Chris said...

Is it bad that I see all of those metal steer and my first thought is, " THAT'S gonna be a tough brisket, I don't care HOW long you smoke it!" ?

gigi said...

This was so cool. I loved it!