Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hot Texas Weather

This sits on my friends patio. Images of its relief somehow will help sooth the humidity of the Texas summer heat. If this was not so darn heavy, I would sneak it into my suitcase...actually there are several things I 'want' to take home, but they would figure it out!

We all try to seem grown up, but in reality..."Girls just wanna have fun"!


girlichef said...

goils will be goils. :P

Anonymous said...

Ok, the tongue picture killed me. Grown up? You aren't childish, you are child-like. That is a gift. Don't lose it. ~Mary

Chris said...

Maybe I'm part dog, because now I have to pee (hydrant). Serious. I have to pee.

That's probably TMI.

Hey, how do you know Mary? She rocks and I haven't noticed her here before. Is this another small world kinda thing?

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thanks a lot now I have that song stuck in my head ... LOL.

What fun pictures, you girls look like you're having way too much fun! Love that you're getting out and enjoying yourself :)