Tuesday, June 9, 2009

'They Hocked their Grill for some Grass'

What is this world coming to? I spoke to my friend on the phone one night last week and she mentioned that her husband was selling his grill. I said "WHAT!". Now what am I going to cook on while I am there. I might want a nice juicy Texas steak one night. "Heck, what on earth did he do that for" I asked!

Cheryl began to explain that they were landscaping the back yard, and laughing she explained that they needed the money to pay for all the weeds they were transporting out, and replacing with some fresh grass and some pretty flowers for my visit. She said, "Cause my friend is coming to visit, and I will not have her see my house in such disarray".

Well I'll be...her and hubby hocked the grill for some grass!

Then we had a good laugh!

He did replace it with a brand new one. Now that is impressive. A new grill just for little ole me.

I am on my way sista!

I have only been talking about it for a month, but I am going home to Texas on Wednesday, and will still be blogging, beginning on the weekend again. I am excited, I never would go to my reunions, but have recently gotten back in contact with the four girls I grew up (elementary school) with in our 'hood'. We were white middle class trash and proud, and girls you know I mean that in the most endearing way with a great big belly laugh!

Thank God we all grew up and did something with ourselves!!!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Right on, love the new grill. What sweet friends all for you ... LOL :)

Just telling it like it is said...

Nice I'm jealous

girlichef said...

Killer grill!! Have fun!!!!

Chris said...

Ok, now you know I was just thinking something TOTALLY DIFFERENT, especially since the band Phish just played here last night and Bonnaroo is going on nearby.

My other favorite crack was this post:


I didn't know those hippies (ha ha) were so into shitake and portabellas?