Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

Early one morning heart disease hijacked my fourteen year old daughters life, shooting down my home hearth as my family and I knew it. Sound familiar, yes we all witnessed terrorists attacking The World Trade Centers Twin Towers I & II in New York City, but some of us were already suffering from other loss.

I do not mean in any way to sound unpatriotic, but I feel we should remember our loved ones every day of our lives, not just on certain days, or years. I guess because the pain was so great after only one year, my heart was numb. Does this mean I have no connection to that horrible day, of course I do, but I feel this day has turned into more of a holiday than what it really was.

We should fly our countries flag everyday, not just today on facebook or our blogs or on September 11th. Maybe I am flying my daughters flag? I do not go one day without feeling sad in some way or another. I loved her so much.

However my heart does go out to those who lost on this day. In a way we join hands in a link of loss.

This poem is my own monument for this date, and from my book 365 Days X Ten (publishing still pending)...

Twin Tower I

Many of us, sat and watched
one by one as twin towers

hit by planes
punctured a democracy

Still numb from my own explosion
a world no longer spinning

staring numbly at the screen
I wanted to jump

how sad life had become
years earlier, a tiny heart

held me hostage, for so long
the terror of not knowing

I sat in a similar chair, television revealing
a space shuttle blowing up

Holding my new baby in terror
hoping their loved ones

would be okay
as new life would be celebrated.

Love and pain can occupy the same time and space,
but are never the same each time around - A mother's own words...  

(the above flag is my own photo taken 7/21/2011, and flies over the World Trade Center memorial site in NYC)


farmlady said...

A beautiful poem. One of the best poems you have ever written, Elizabeth.
"punctured a democracy"
"a tiny heart held me hostage.."
and returning to the space shuttle disaster while you held your baby.
Very circular... a continuous cycle of sadness that never seems to be broken.
I understand your feelings in this poem. They are clear and poignant.

Jessie Carty said...

I agree with you completely *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. I was thinking of you today. I hope the day slipped by peacefully. Many hugs are coming your way.

The line of the shuttle disaster while holding your baby truly pulled at my heart.

Sending you many warm thoughts.


Chef E said...

Thanks Tara- seems to be one of the strong lines here, and it was a memory that stood out...

Thanks everyone, I made it fine with doing housework, LOL always works!

Toon said...

Very nicely done. I'm a little overdosed on 9/11 remembrances, but this was dignified and quiet.

Anonymous said...

With no disrespect to anyone who lost someone that day....I think many people feel as you do...for all their different reasons.~Mary