Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Love The Road Less Traveled

Hubby travels at any given moment, yes, I never know until he comes home and tells me he will be leaving the next day or on the weekend. I have learned over the past fourteen years to accept it. Many of my girlfriends laugh and say they wish their husbands would leave town, so they could have some peace and quiet. I always thought once the kids were gone was the time for that. I do enjoy doing my own thing when he is gone, but once in a while he says I can go with him.

This was one of those times. A chance for a road trip to New England. Unfortunately the weather was apparent- rain rain rain. With the flooding the east coast has had, could we be in for a disastrous drive? A friend had just shared while taking her mom on a similar road trip, they could not travel on the rural roads due to flooding damage. We decided to give it a try, but the photo above shows you what we encountered. All along the way we experienced 'dips' and missing road edges that were not even near a river, just along the mountains.

This was a road that lead to a sculpture garden I wanted to visit on the way through Connecticut. We had to take a detour the GPS did not recognize. At times the rain just dumped down so hard I could not see, so we pulled over. At times it did the same and we were on small two lane roads; it was really scary. We made it, and now have to face flooding in our neighborhood again. I am hoping this stops and heads to Texas where fires are destroying many homes. My heart goes out to these people who are losing everything they own. I guess life is more important, so I send my best to them.

I did accomplish what I had set out to do on this trip, write three more chapters in my book. There was a chance with it raining so much for me to think about, the direction my book was heading, and I got to do some brainstorming. No pun intended!

While in the hotel the last few days I took notice of how the walls were painted a bright sunny yellow, because n the past I had painted my bedroom (whole house) walls yellow. In St. Louis and New Jersey rental properties. The sun would come up first thing in the morning and make my room too bright to sleep, I hated it. But now with the rain drops on the window screen, blowing trees outside, a temperature drop further north, and coming our way, well, I welcome the feeling of a little sunshine brightening my day.

The home next to this river (above picture) was on a low flat area, then went back down hill. We were wondering if it would take out their house if it got worse. Also, for those Leaf Peepers, I hope it clears up in time for that New England road trip.


Toon said...

The road was trying to make an artistic statement...
"who needs a sculpture garden?check me out!"

Chef E said...

I like that thought Toon!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT road has character.
I like the guys who go away for a bit myself. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

I am glad you were able to get a little work of your own done. It is nice you are able to travel with your husband every so often. My husband just returned from a very long (8 month) work trip. Those breaks are nice, but it is fun to be together too.

Now if you could just find a way to send some of that rain to Texas. Good luck with that one! :-)


Chef E said...

Funny you say that Tara, because I am about to post some Texas photos of a friends ranch. I hate they are going through that, and its been a long while since that many days without rain.


Pearl said...

like Toon's perspective.

it's tricky balance not to get too much or too little of the partner. work trip tag alongs can work out sometimes.