Thursday, September 15, 2011

Attention: boysgirls- A Book Review

I like all genres of reading. However I lean more towards history, mysterious history, period pieces, mysterious period pieces, CSI investigations, and yes sci-fi'sih anything. But as a child I loved fairy tales. I loved them so much it was the first thing introduced to my own children. Anything imagination stretching, and my son still loves those same stories. And especially better if it takes on a poetry or prose form.

Katie Farris does just that, give us some sci-fi'ish crossed with fairy tale'ish dream like story images as she spins us into her of un-thought of reality, well never in my own dreams, but conceivable. A quirky kind of prose comes through these girl and boy tales. At first read I did question, was it for teens, then was it poetry, but eventually just went with it. I liked fairy tales as a child, so why not fairy tales for the grown up kid in me.

Katie's introduction, as I said above, was poetry like. Her bold prose language perhaps with rhyming lines that lead you to a wardrobe, point past large creature like coats, and out into a magical anticipated white drawing board where she would begin drawing her characters for us. Can I really explain the cool imagery she supplies the reader? Not hardly, but it is so great.

I had not known of her or that she was a creative writing teacher, or even a poet, I just knew I was drawn in with the introduction. If you are not familiar with Katie Ferris, then I suggest you read this book. Do you really need a wordy review to tell you that I've read it three times already!

boysgirls by Katie Farris, Marick Press 2011


Toon said...

I've never heard of her, but I'm always looking for new authors.

Tipper said...

Sounds like a winner-and I LOVE the cover-makes me think of all fairy tales from my childhood : )

Anonymous said...

Fluid. ~Mary

The Blonde Duck said...

I'll have to check it out!

Jim K. said...

I crave samples.

Here's a basketful:

Nice has a lot
of fantasy but a lot of flow speed,
since it isn't festooned with
the last detail. Definitely

Chef E said...

You know Jim, I am sorry I did not give tid-bits, I actually forgot to add a link. You can read bits of her book. I should have left bread crumbs...sorry!

Debbie said...

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing Katie with us. I does sound wonderful and different! :) I came here to read your poem, but didn't find it. But still, I found you!