Friday, September 9, 2011

Let The Games Begin...

Is anybody a zombie fan? I have read that some of you are. Yes, you my artistic friends.

At some point in our lives we are zombies, or similar.

You will be glad to know the zombie books I am writing are progressing. I have taken my work to professionals and gotten many ideas for the story line, and other areas.

If you follow this blog, you read a piece from the book many months ago. I shelved it for a while since I had my poetry manuscripts to finish and turn in. I got news about my first book. Sucks really. Because it was not good news. I will not talk about it any further, just will be something else one day.

I saw this on the grass at a rest stop on our rather rainy and long trip home from New England. Nine hours or more on the road. I lost count hearing hubby complain and complain about traffic, road delays, flooding, braking, did I say braking. That can turn anybody into a zombie...traffic. A mad, out for blood, traffic eating brains creature of some sorts.

Well this photo reminded me of how we need to begin building our Zombie Apocalypse Arsenal. Now I need to find a nail gun. Or at least my characters need too.

Are you excited about the movie 'World War Z' coming this fall? (Brad Pitt plays the lead character) I am because I read the book and am wanting to see how they film it. We saw 'Battle LA' and I really liked how they filmed it. I hate military style movies, I hate killing really. Blood and guts, and all that. But I like the idea of Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies? Real war gets me. I liked it, maybe because of the alien element.

Who would win? Aliens or Zombies? They almost move at the same speed.

What are you writing?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm no good with this. I never go to movies & Brad Pitt always looks like he could use a good bath. :0 But you know, I love a good zombie book.~Mary

Chef E said...

I feel the say way about Brad, not to mention he always seems to sound and act the same in most of his movies. I married a movie man, so we watch them often. His only hobbies are wine, food, and movies (at least not wine, women, and song, although his CD collection is rather large).

You will know when the book is out!

Toon said...

"Return of the Living Dead" from 1985 is one of my favorite zombie movies because they rewrote so many established zombie 'rules'.

Chef E said...

That is my sister and I's favorite movie- "send more paramedics" is what we say to each other all the time...