Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Strange, Disturbing, and Fun

Or at least I hope you find this fun. I have a new website that will go up before Halloween, Zombiepoetry.com. Yay! Since I am writing a trilogy called, no wait, I will not let that cat out of the bag yet, but I will share a few fun things I just wrote. A poem for the site, and a recipe from the Gourmet Zombie Eats Cookbook, yes recipes for zombies! I know Toon will like this, and hopefully others.

I have hired a graphic designer to begin helping me create my website and book details!

It will grow on you like a second set of rotting skin...yes, I made that bad joke! But it will. I prefer Vamps, but they will be in the books as well. Secrets you will have to find when you order my book and read it!

Much of this is still in revision stage (and totally bogus as far as recipes goes, all in fun and adapted from real recipes of beef, chicken, pork, and or fish, I am not trying to turn anyone into a cannibal, or a zombie), and in the process of being copyrighted. Let me know what you think, any ideas to improve...and its all in fun!

(content of poem and recipe removed for revision and publication)

Materials in this post may not be copied or borrowed by any persons without the authors permission!

Submissions are now open for what we are calling 'Z-composition Magazine @ ZombiePoetry.com'. We are looking for obscure, necro-style, sci-fi, dream like, horror, dark, comedy, mainstream, all/most styles and humorous. We want you to stretch yourself in what you see. This will be a quarterly on-line publication and each quarter publishing 3 to 7 poets and writers; 2 artist and photographers will be chosen to represent Z-composition each quarter, or we may publish more if they are outstandingly good. You may send in 3 to 5 submissions each quarter, and zombie content not required. We also do not care what you do in your real job, or if this is your real job, just send us your best stuff. elizabeth@cookappeal.com

Submission amounts and deadlines are subject to change as we move forward. (We as in I have 2 editors, 1 pending so far) If you are interested in working on Z-composition Magazine on a volunteer basis please contact me at elizabeth@cookappeal.com.


Toon said...

More zombie poems!! And go really go crazy with it!

Jim K. said...

Richard Lopez would really be into
this...he's a Halloween and
horror-flick fan. I'm not a big blood

Good chef advice, for sure.
Hannibals Cafe.

Chef E said...

Believe it or not Jim, neither am I, but writing it has been fun, entertaining to say the least.

Toon, there is more, but still in draft stages at the moment, as I am not happy with this one at all, just came to me at open mic.

Anonymous said...

Ha. This vegan is hiding. Very cute, very. ~Mary

Jessie Carty said...

Make sure to send notices out on CRWOPPS if you want lots of submissions :) what a fun project!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Yeah love to see the upcoming site and you know how I love me some recipes :)