Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trash To Treasure

Normally I stray from reviewing anything on this blog except books, once a dream cable show comparison, but I decided to share some feelings on Picker Sisters.  Lil'sista called me last week to say there was a great new show on. Dumpster diving to antique pickin has always been one of our very own hobby's of choice, growing up dirt poor and all. So, of course we would love to see two girls from the south digging in someone else garbage. 

Our dad's father had a junkyard when we were growing up, and I spent lots of time there. It's in our blood. I never think he and my grandmother planned on that happening, but over the years of 1920 to 1950 he was building small air craft for himself, hoping to become well known as the Wright brothers. He does have patents, and is well known in the piloting circles. So I imagine they collected more than he ever needed for parts, and then some right. It just became a way of making a buck or two. Bartering was a way of life back then. I got my start in that junkyard off Old Jacksboro Hwy in Fort Worth. I would make deals with him on stuff (my grandmother called it crap) like milk glass. He would laugh as she stormed around his work shop taking things out of my hands. I even got it for free! *silly snickerin' on my end*

The show? The designers find industrial-looking trash and re-purpose it for use in the home. Road signs turn into headboards. Troughs turn into light fixtures. And, all of it is done for their pop-up store i-10 (The store is located at 8300 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, the cross street is Sweetzer. It's approx. 1 mile from the Beverly Center) Fun aside, recycling used objects for decorating is a great way to spruce up your home while keeping the environment in mind.

And...Two designer friends rent an SUV with a trailer hitched to the back, and go off on road trips looking for the rustiest stuff you can imagine. My kind of *sniffle* job description at best. I love antiques. *sniffle* I love to drive. *sniffle* I am not afraid to get my hands or knees dirty. *sniffle* Hey! My sister loves to yap, she would make a good side kick, just like the blonde in the show.

These two girls travel around a state, town to town asking if anyone knows of old buildings or property that needs some pickin'. Is it a real word for anything else but music in our vocabulary? Outside of the south? Evidently it is now. Pickers is what they call shopping your junkyard, barns, and basements for gems.

I will refrain from the nose jokes, you too...please, thank you.

Antique Archaeology is the name of the most famous business on cable, hosted by Mike Wolfe of the original 'American Pickers' show on The History Channel. And I do find it interesting to see what everyone is hoarding in their backrooms. I am guilty of buying stuff and forgetting, maybe conveniently, about it as it gets buried under the newest purchases. Although I often give it away to avoid the title, hoarder.

I have many times driven by country side acreages and saw things (many rusty and falling down things) and thought 'Wow!' what I could do with that, but kept driving, because I have no money or big trailer to haul it home. Like my dad would say, "Everything is for sale, and nothing is for free." Brings up another memory- my father knew how fond I was of old buildings and barns as we drove through Texas, so he would say when I got married he would buy us a fixer upper. After years and years and the laughter of the others in the car, I announced it would be alright with me.

Back to the show...Darn it, my lil'sista and I could have really run with this idea. Too bad we did not think of it first. A few people here told us we could (should) have our own reality show with our personalities and how we kept them all laughing. More bickerin than pickin. More like pickin on each other. I doubt the Akin sisters, real sisters, have a chance at it now. Maybe a parody show? Come on cable executives, give The Akin Sisters a chance!

Some advise to the girls, if this was my show-

Sure spunky young hotties get attention from men, but my no-no's...

1) Whisper more darlin!

Or maybe I should say become an Antique Whisperer? Don't run up and spot treasures while the owner/seller is standing there, while you spew out your ideas... "Ahhhhh, and OMG'd!" *high pitched voices* and say "Can you just see that as a such and such and such, oh what we could do with this". Shut up and act like it would take a lot to turn that junk into trendy pieces (which will eventually end up in someone's dark and dusty garage, or a trash dump!).

2) Appreciate that handyman you employ! 

All I have heard you two girls say so far is how lucky you are to have this wonderful job. Alan, he is a hunk and may have more talent in his little pinky than you two really do. Heck he might even start his own show if you don't compliment him more often! I will hire him, if...

3) Wear job appropriate clothing, please.

Hint hint: Knee pads for those ladder climbs, and full length jeans! Sure I see you have at least taken caution to heart and got yourselves a pair of garden cloves before you break your nails on some of that rusty junk you try and pick up. Maybe add a funny telephone-Superman booth meets Benny Hill quick change after you meet the junk yard owners.

I know you want to look cute, but please...leave the silk and lace in your closet at home. And please, those jean shorts? What would happen if you were to slip and cut yourselves with one of those rusty nails or large farm equipment pieces as you try to lift. Be consistent, your not hosting America's Top Runway or Top Chef.

Are your tetanus shots up to date? I'm just sayin...

4) Have you considered hiring a psychic?

All that history is being taken a part and redesigned. The ramifications you are going to bring into your store. There are people like Billy Bob Thorton, somebody who can afford your new junk, who won't buy antiques because he is afraid of the ghost and stories that lie in their bones. You might want to either make sure they are not haunted, or if someone wants to know the history, please disclose this 'could be horrifying' information.

Okay ladies, lil'sista and I will keep watchin, and we will have some more pickin comin' your way!

Inherited Values- I am not the only one who decided to pick on the girls in Picker Sisters...

(Photo by E Stelling, Nicklesville, VA, and deep in the heart of a friends farm in the Appalachian Mnts)


Toon said...

I like this show, but your criticisms are valid.
(I've got junk in my dna too)

blueviolet said...

Love how you find funny things to nitpick at about the show. I just opened it in a new browser so I can investigate it and watch it to see all your nitpicks live!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

E you freaking crack me up. I so would watch a reality show with you ANY day :). But I so want to watch my Chef cook something amazing so I can do the same!!

You know I've seen the commercials for this but haven't had a chance to watch it. BUT you freaking CRACK ME up I so agree with Blue Violet I'm going to have to watch so I can see you comments.

YOU Crack me up!!!!

Jim K. said...

Looks like the car's had a
hard night, for sure.

A Texas farmer said, "yassir,
it takes a whole day to drive
around mah farm!"

The Maine farmer said, "Ayuh,
I gut a truck like that meself".

Got to put out more
pics of the "Pic'n'Paw" dump shop.

Chef E said...

Ha Jim! Funny how Lisa's father-in-law had piles like this all across their farm, and all neatly mowed around each one, on ever curve, even bumped a cow on the up before the down off the river bed, a whole other story...

Debbie said...

Loved this and I so want to see you have your own show! :)