Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taking It Slow

Yes, I am enjoying my developments pool for the next two weeks. But then it's closed. Kind of sucks since the weather is warm for another month. (I do not lay out to tan, I wear 100 SPF sunscreen hubby found for us) In Texas we can swim all year if we desire. Here they pay for life guards to watch over the sometimes almost empty pools. Parents almost never let their young tweens or younger rug rats come without an adult. So why do we have to do this? Not sure, maybe insurance here is out the roof. Maybe it's the state rules.

I have been hitting the exercising hard and heavy, in the pool and gym. Hubby also bought me some weights to go with my bike and stability ball in living room. I have lost more weight, but still have a long road ahead. So, I am fully working on my portion control. Why? Because this past year I did lose 46 pounds, but I had a lot more to lose, and was still eating heavier than I maybe should have been. My lower back still hurts, and I am tired of it. I assume my weight is responsible. Friends tell me to go to the doctor, but I will refuse to have surgery or take medication. I have not taken my other meds, outside of HB medication, since last summer and I am doing great. That has helped me keep the weight off, as well as very very low carbs in my diet.

For now I will relax and enjoy this beautiful weather. I am also taking a week off from writing. Jessie has put some of her writing blogs on hold, so I am taking the opportunity to focus on other goals. I have been doing some research for my Zombie book, and that requires some reading. I have two books to finish to accomplish this, so no writing until I answer some questions.

BTW did any of you on the east coast feel the earthquake yesterday? I did. I read it went from VA up to NY. I was upstairs and thought my neighbor was slamming doors. Often I feel them walking up their stairs and shutting doors. Then I noticed friends on facebook announced they had felt their houses shake. My clients husband felt it in Manhattan at his office. There are no true fault lines in VA where it originated, but a website explained it as reverse movement. No real damage was done, just a little shaking going on. Reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis song.

Whats new? I am going to buy a new car. Looking at Prius and BMW, not sure. Going to Korea sometime in the future. Hubby has been traveling, so lots of time to read and relax (my house stays clean, Yay!). My great nephew turned three years old! He is so adorable, and loves cars! My lil-sista says he wears her out. I long for that kind of tired. My client has a baby in her future, so I am sure she will make good use of my time. I did go over and cook for them and company. Pizza crostini, mushroom meatballs and pasta, and a nice fat apple caramel apple pie. I learned how to play Texas Hold'em. A good night!

I am trying to take life as it comes. In a positive and productive way. How about you? Exercise does help reduce stress if things are not always going the way we wish they would. Try it.


Toon said...

Sounds like you'll be busy. The end of Summer (even a brutally hot one) is always a little sad. I'm sure I'll be melancholy for a few weeks.
PS Poetry class is going well

Chef E said...

You will have to share with me Toon- via email! I miss talking with you :)