Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Arms Hurt, I've Been Flying All Day

I know talking about my wonderful son can bore you, but hey, I am proud that my son has taken the high road to a successful and happy future.

He is in Korea teaching, and someone just found out she gets to travel there and visit him. He is lucky his step-father is so into trying new and unusual stuff.

Hubby has been traveling a bit more with work, yes, after my sister leaves. One of the purposes of bringing her here months ago was because it would give me something to entertain myself with when I am not working low summer hours. Oh well, you have to take life as it comes, a lesson I have been struggling with lately.

I love to travel too, and am envious he is having so much fun in work and play. Both hubby and son. Well, I am sure hubby strains to find fun in going to isolated military bases and no good eateries for miles and miles.

Lots of poetry has been flowing the past weeks since my sister left, but no sharing yet. I need to meditate and have been entertaining lots of company this past week. One coming today, my poet friend Pasquale. We will walk/swim the pool, talk of poetry, life, and enjoy a tasty brisket I have slow cooking on the smoker per his request.

I wish for you all a wonderful positive energy, and for my son, that he continues to find the positive paths to his destiny.

I am along for the ride.

Peace to you all.


Toon said...

You sound productive and content. May you stay that way for a long, long time.

Debbie said...

You are an amazing momma and wife! Thank you for inspiring us and being who you are! :)