Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have stared at this blank screen for two days, and ghosts just fill it's space with brief moments of familiarity

My words are scattered about the pastures I keep, they cannot be wrangled no matter how I hard I try to swing the rope out in a circular movement

The faces of the innocent only comfort me for a short while, a child's life is trapped between a time continuum, but can never be contained as it seeps slowly out into blank space

Not a day goes by I do not think of my mother, my grandmothers, my daughter, my friends I have lost to some disease, or simply times final hour

Saturday morning I got some sleep in spite of our coughing from bronchitis, and felt halfway decent

Only to find out news was kept from me for obvious reason- Lisa has less than a year to live. Her pancreas is eaten up with cancer, and she is younger than me

Joe will share in this aching pain of loss that goes hand in hand with a hideous headless demon we call death

Have my words hidden in the pot holes of happiness, where the demon rears its ugly head to remind us we are merely temporary gardeners over seeing beauty bloom in the field one season at a time

White is the darkest color I have ever seen- I wonder what color will I find here tomorrow


blueviolet said...

Life never ceases to remind us of of its fleeting nature. I'm so sorry to hear this news!

Katherine said...

Dearest Elizabeth...
My heart is heavy for you! I am so sorry that life has brought to you so much pain & now this terrible news too.
My thoughts & prayers are with you & your sick friend!
I don't really know if there is anything that can be said that is befitting in a situation like this but please don't let that deathly white eat you up! Colour your days as much as you possible can. Do what you enjoy & share your beautiful spirit with others, just as you have done with me here.
The photo of your children is so precious. Your daughter is beautiful!
I am a person of faith & I believe that life continues after our earthly bodies cease living. Our bodies are like a coat worn to carry our spirit whilst on earth but our spirit never dies! This I believe to be true.
Sending you warm hugs & lots of love! Katherine

Brooke S. Rochon said...

Hugs Chef. :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm so sorry to hear this x

Toon said...

Writing may be the best thing you can do right now. Keep it up!

farmlady said...

Death is so permanent and fearful but.., there has just got to be a reason for all of "This". Why does one go and one stay? What is the order of things? and how does life just cease to be? Why one sickness, one accident, one person and not another?
Today is "white". Tomorrow is yellow. The next day blue. But always there is an end to it.
I'm sorry Elizabeth. I just don't know what to say to comfort you except that we all care and you must stay strong.