Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Pard'ner


You are a part of me, and I am happy to know that life is your play ground. We are glad you are still sticking with college, and learning Spanish. Since the day you were stuck in my face while I lay on the gurney in the operating room at 9:20 in the morning, I knew you came into this world big and would make a big impression.

You go after things with gusto, just like you did your western phase, and the Bono long hair. Anelisa and you were my Irish twins, and I wish you both were here right now, so that I could hold you and cover you with kisses.

Happy 23rd birthday Aaron Glen Dillion, you rock my world!




Toon said...

23 is a great age to be!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron. He is the same age as my eldest son Edward.
Thinking of you too Mum...I know you are feeling a mix of emotions right now... make sure you do something that makes you happy today!! Cheers Kath x