Saturday, May 15, 2010

Texas Skies

Tiny white clouds dot big blue Texas skies like mesquite and tumbleweeds
blowing along old highways- taking shape like a woman

catching a glance from a tall and lanky cowboy
who smiles and tips his hat leading to conversation

laced with flirtation and a nudge become an encounter and
a beer down at the local bar; maybe a scoot

across the saw dust dance floor, where he pulls her in close
giving off a hint he wants more, as his face leans into hers

loneliness, maybe love brings on a lingering kiss, something
either may or may not were looking for at the night’s end

morning light exposes a scene of rustled blankets, musty
bed sheets, an empty room over time filled with vast memories

like life under big blue Texas skies dotted with pretty
white clouds taking on shapes, reminding us of so many things.

© E. Stelling


gigi said...

Wow! I like ;)

farmlady said...

Yea, girl. You're talking to me with this one.

Katherine said...

Love this photo & post Elizabeth. My mind too can get lost in the clouds. There is so much beauty within them!

Jessie Carty said...

i think this may be one of the strongest poems I've read of yours!

Toon said...

I'm taking a poetry workshop and not having very much fun. You make it look effortless -- but I know now it's hard work!