Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Allergies- Ahhh Natures Beauty

I love this time of the year when wildflowers in Texas begin to bloom all along the side of south east highways and medians, and all across my 'New' Jersey roads...buuuuuuut this is the worst allergy season for me ever! How about you?

Special Delivery

Nature loves us
with springs fresh air
mower blades
spreads the love
winds help
but dormant under ground
already many lay
rains begin
sprouting up to the sun
hands and body
the show begins
yawning yawning
faceing up
flowers are ready to play
pick a few
some white, yellow
maybe purple
soil had a role
window sill jars
a cup or a bowl
beauty comes at a price
special delivery
my hay fever is out of control!


Rebecca said...

I suffered dearly until I had allergy shots. A long and draining process but oh the difference it made for me! I still enjoy being outdoors more than ever before.

Wunderwoman said...

Oh how the allergies are making me suffer. I feel your pain. May need to look into getting injections like the poster above? But I gotta say I LOVE me some warm weather:)

Katherine said...

Oh I know exactly what your talking about Elizabeth. I too love the blooms but the blooms don't love me back. We've had early blooms here in QLD & I have had sinusitis now for the last 6 weeks as a result & I'm over it now!
Hope you find relief soon!

Toon said...

Pollen counts broke records here. Global warming seems to be real.

Jessie Carty said...

This allergy season has been brutal!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm suffering with allergies at the moment - except today, when it rained :D