Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have you ever caught crabs?

We went to a pier off the Atlantic, and everyone was fishing. Seems like I caught bronchitis from hubby, and not feeling well, but I did not want to miss all the action yesterday. I also now know how Farmlady felt about walking out on a long long long pier three feet wide maybe...because I got vertigo and felt dizzy, so hubby had to come out and walk me the rest of the way out.

Once I sat down off the pier I was a little bored and hooked up a line with some fish and a large weight and dropped it straight down.

I began pulling in Blue Crabs. They are mean and will not hesitate to pinch you, and hold on! Here is one I had to slap it down with my rod to keep it from running off the pier, and it was a funny sight. The minute he hit the ground, as I grabbed my camera, he stuck that piece of fish in his mouth. He decided meal time was right there and then!

They are good eating...


Jeanne said...

This is how good friends we are: I came over DESPITE the nasty flashback your title gave me.

(Actually, they weren't crabs, they were scabies my daughter brought home from Girl Scout camp.)

Toon said...

These things always remind me of the movie "Alien"...

Katherine said...

Funny title to post Elizabeth! I have never caught crabs of either variety! He!He!He!
I love fresh crabs (we call them muddies here in OZ)...My husband has been known to make a mean crab crepe dish...but I do enjoy them just as they are too...cooked of course...not still moving about & nipping at you.
Hope you recover soon :)