Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toon Infringement Doodle Saturday

What a week! Two weeks have gone by and I have begun to make some changes. I have done a lot of writing, published more food and wine articles, classes, training, running around for this and that, WAMPP, and some serious rethinking. I feel good though, a good kind of body soreness.

Change is like diving into shallow water, or in this case a Martini- you just do not know if you will land the way you want. I might bounce off the lower olive, land it its open crevasse, or make it to the perfect area where I have room to sink and come back up.

I will float around on my back and do some thinking... Nothing serious, just how life has its own plan, and we are just the bartenders who mix it up the way we see fit...

PS- I had the photo, it was not good enough to use for my 'Partners In Wine Club Press', so I followed in Toon's footsteps and did a doodle- Sorry Toon, your job is harder than it looks!

1 comment:

Toon said...

The point is just to let your pen and mind flow freely -- how it looks (it's nice, by the way) in the end doesn't matter. It's the "doing".