Friday, November 4, 2011

No Photo Upload

Unfortunately IPad does not support this application, so I will have to illustrate via words...

Dining Sanctuary

Laying down three prong utensils
picking up chop sticks as walking canes

Taking stomachs east into Asia
A pilgrimage past mountainous fantoms

chanting waters flowing down
Griping rocks and loose green moss

Moving over what the eye cannot see
Directing a suns reflection

Toward giant carvings of Budda's belly
A quick rub for prospierty and a giggle

From children when I pat my own
In hunger and ask why rice fields lay

Undisturbed, resting in November
On its side as women in large hats

Squat along road sides selling tea
Flowers and fermented soy products

Tangerines add color to shades of brown
And gray dirt blowing in the cold wind

Across 'The land of morning calm'
commanding oceans to the south

where seafood is abundant
Practically jumping into baskets

To be eaten raw with spicy sauces
But smelly and sweet on the tongue

As pickled radish and kimchi accompany
Washed down with crystal clear rice wines

Or yogurt colored mokgli which old men
Drink all day long as ajumma's push forward

Leaving foreigners back and puzzled for days
Royal courts ate abalone poRridge as commoners

Prepared seasonal squash with barbeque or fish
Over grains and rice, but where are the green veggies

Back home in a land of silverware that sits
Waiting lonely and cold in the drawer

Under the counter where a colander will help
Rinse a whole lots of my own garden picks

I am having problems with writing and editing on this device. Will come back and edit after I return...Needs more food visuals and leads, maybe even two poems here.