Monday, November 21, 2011

My New Baby

Normally I would not be bragging, but this is the first car I have ever been in love with. I was sad to wake up today and see leaves all over it.  I had a fit when hubby threw his empty water bottle into the back seat on the way home from the dealer Saturday night. How dare him! It is hard to see the color, but it is midnight blue. The interior is what caught my eye first. I will be driving the Lexus on a regular basis, I drove my van to death. the neighbor laughed and told hubby he was never getting a new car. Why? Because he bought a German car thought would outlive us all.

I actually thought about adopting a new puppy, but now I can see there is plenty taking up lots of my time. We also got a new 'used' van for cookAppeal, my catering business this weekend. Off it went to cater a birthday party in PA yesterday. Dry rubbed pork loin, asparagus risotto, chocolate cake and brownies. Plus a wine tasting. Things are busy. I like busy.

I had a good visit with the doctor last week and I am going to give the new diabetes medication a try. Even though I have not bloomed into full scale diabetes they say it will help with weight loss. It has been making me sick in various ways, but I will hold out. Bariatric surgery is in the picture now. After January. The weight has to go. I am also eating like a bird. Sad, but I am finding I cannot even taste alcohol without stomach issues. All for the best.

Aaron and I will take the new car on a road trip, to Texas in March. He returns from Korea and will stay with us for a few weeks, then on to pick up the truck and return to St. Louis. I will enjoy spending another month with him before he returns to his life again.

I hope you all had a great weekend.


farmlady said...

Well look at you! That's a beautiful car. It's just your style too.
Way better than a puppy for your busy lifestyle.
Congrats, my dear. Enjoy every moment... and the new car smell.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Way to go lady, love it and you so deserve it!! And yeah to a new/used catering van also!

Anonymous said...

It is a beauty. I've tried them but I got attached to Mercedes early on. I do have a few friends who swear they are the very best.
Hope the med works out well for you.~Mary

Toon said...

Congrats! She's beautiful.

Bagman and Butler said...

Congratulations. I hope we get as lucky. We are starting to look for a truck since we will be moving away from my neighbor who has a truck. Your new baby looks beautiful and I think you should post a sign that says "Throwing Water Bottles Prohibited"

Basil Glenn said...

How was the road trip in Texas with this Lexus? Did you find it hard to drive on and off road? I bet not because Lexus is one of the car models I’ve driven that can handle the pressure of both off road and stiff normal road. ->Basil Glenn