Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bow To A Gift

I'm smiling right now. Imagine that. Yes, really imagine a happy face. We spent a week in Busan without my son so I am happy to be on the train. Heading for Seoul, and Aaron's arms. A mother's peace. Knowing she has a few more hours in the presence she gave life to.

There will also be better internet for pictures, and my lap top for retrieving my notes. Yes, another reason for smiles. I have done some writing since we left Seoul. Lots of it. We saw strange things on our journey. So strange, you can only read about them or hear of them through back alley gossip.

Russian Mafia and prostitution all rolled up into a perfectly congealed and packaged Mochi box. Japanese businessmen, fast cars, and dead bodies. Where did we hang out? When you barely understand a language and only have a few weeks to do so, well you can find yourself walking down lots of streets oblivious to surroundings. Good or bad. Very bad indeed.

Or was it all in my imagination?

Wait and you will read about everything.

I bow, "gam as ham nida" my friends...


Agrigirl said...

Looking forward to reading more about it.

Toon said...

All of this adventure is a feast for your writing brain!