Sunday, July 31, 2011

Voices Through Skin- A Book Review

It has taken me weeks to finish this book. That is not a bad thing. First, because I have been a bit afraid to really let the words seep in under my skin. So many things Theresa Senato Edwards speak about in this collection could be about me, or someone close to me. Will I begin to see these things folded so neatly and put away in a box? The key to its lock swallowed, maybe hidden somewhere in my heart. Where we so often hide, all things.

The cover art is great too!

Second, because it is a book that needs quiet time to take in every word, each stanza, and to digest what Theresa has taken such care to share. I also have had company for a month and wanted so badly to have that quiet time, but it never came until this past week. I suspect I will be reading this book more down the road.

What I would hope for all poets is, we wish for our work, to create inspiration when read. One of her poems, page 77, 'On Your Back' brought to light something I myself had wanted to write about. Something many women of my generation do have neatly folded and locked away- rape. In this poem Theresa is actually talking about Lupus, but the title sparked something. This book is a wonderful look through her lens of life in our skin.

Her words:

I'm reminded-
perseverance on the skin,
soft lives branded,   involuntary.

My own poem has come out of these words. I wish I could share more of her work, but frankly, you should buy your own copy. Pick one up, make some tea, maybe cut up an apple and sit back to relax. Then pick up her book and begin your own journey into some self discovery. Let some healing begin.

Voices Through Skin, by Theresa Senato Edwards, Sibling Rivalry Press, 2011


Anonymous said...

Hi E. Stelling - Thanks for the visit to my blog.
I appreciate your point here about sinking in a deep well of appreciation when reading a book.. Far too often I don't allow myself the quality time for reading, to allow for the savoring. Much like with food, yes? I instead want to check it off, get it off my list, look for some great revelation or else move on to the next.
Your slow, careful words show that you are one who takes time for appreciation. Thanks.

Toon said...

I've signed up for another poetry workshop this month -- I need all the inspiration I can find.
(that cover art is gruesome!)

Pearl said...

that is a striking excerpt.