Thursday, July 7, 2011

Right Under Our Noses

What is going on in your neck of the woods? Are you sure there is not something going on right outside your door as 'normal' life goes on inside? Things that make us go Hmmm...

Now for some real TMI: My house is upside down right now. Discovered my sister came with unwelcome guests, so we are cleaning and spraying everything. Drives me nuts since my daughter had the same problem three times when she was in elementary school. My best friend in Dallas had the same thing happen to her three daughters, for whom I had to cut all of their long long hair completely off. A part of life we wish would keep away...I am amazed at how people are when little things like this invade their lives...maybe this is a good poem subject...

My sister now is sporting a very short do, like me. The hopes of growing my hair out will have to wait till next year. I guess all those years cutting hair left me with some experience to notice important details which can affect others.

Isn't life grand...and I am saying it with a smile on my face...

Dream Walker
posthumous shores

I roamed the streets
fifteen hundred miles away
along la Perla, shanty lined beach
each on top of the next
body filled coffins
off, wood, clay and sand
skirting high fortress walls
built to protect an old city
I raise my hands
in surrender

long ago, world wanderers
discovered beauty and riches
moved mountains, so
man could attain glory
is this why we desire
to conquer new places
seek adventure
for our own personal gain

sleep gives way to dreams
of ghost continuing down hallways
standing at her door, the room
seems smaller than remembered
so dark, even with lights
outside, neighbors brick walls
close in like ocean waves.

It's not finished, but I will come back to it. Have not had time to write this week with all the goings on, and a weekend of white water rafting and favorite thing to do...Peace and love to you all!


Debbie said...

I love what you have going on here, Elizabeth. Well, the poem part! ha! So good to read your poems and get some inspiration!

Toon said...

I used to have dreams about coffins floating in water...what does this mean???

Jessie Carty said...

Ah yes the critters! Too often that happened on the school bus!!

I'd look at the use of commas in this one and especially the last stanza. You start strong with unique images but then some of the commas, linebreaks and line lengths don't flow as we'll as the first stanza. Great material to work with though!