Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raw Footage

We survived our family white water rafting excursion on the weekend, but with bumps and bruises (they show up days later); it has taken Mary and I a few days to recover physically and mentally. None the less we are forever changed by what happened, and how we use these situations to grow. I saw this quote on facebook and it fits...

  • A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour." Author unknown

I consider myself one of those truly happy people.

Today is the 11th year anniversary of my daughters passing. My life forever changed. Really the day she was born, but facets move about in obscure ways.

I woke up extremely early and could not go back to sleep. Something I have not done in a while. Maybe an unconscious awakening, maybe not. I need rest because today I have my homeless 'Homefront' meal project this afternoon. We will cook and package food for at least 90 people who are living in motels around the city, many of them are children.

I discovered this photographer Greg Friedler (mentioned on here once before), a New Orleans born artist who was highlighted in a documentary called Stripped: The Naked Las Vegas. His work is fantastic, and great for some inspiration prompt writing. Last night I decided to check his website for his latest 'Daily Compositions'. In doing so the site offered a link to some of his 'Naked' work. Viewing some of this work, I was inspired to write this for Jessie Carty's Thursday Poem Share.

This 'Mattress' link is my inspiration...Thanks Greg for your wonderful contributions to my life...

A Window Junkie's Next Fix

Eyes bend forward
taking in

and exhale life,

saying goodbye to innocence.

Lips become dry
turning tables

giving words back,

finalizing kisses
swept across the skin.

Fickle hearts move on

never remembering a name
the reason, or last time

love stroked Eden’s cradle.

Infernal fires rained down
closing doors,

never knowing
the side
a place, a corner

where hurt felt like

a last breath,
seedy back lot rooms,

before dawn gave way

to ghostly stains.

(Photo above was taken on our Jim Thorpe train ride along side the river...looks mild right?)


Toon said...

I love the term "fickle hearts". I think we are a nation of fickle hearts.

Debbie said...

So good, Elizabeth. I think you can write anything! You make it look easy. I really liked the line breaks in this one! Thanks for sharing!

Jessie Carty said...

you could totally throw this across the page because loss is such a disjointed thing. Good work here! And I just watched your video AWESOME