Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Review of 'Flash Fiction'- 72 Very Short Stories

By the time you read one of my blog rants, or even one of my poems you could have read two or three of this books very short stories- Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories. I have wanted to read a full collection of flash fiction in published form for a while. Enjoying writing them myself, I have wanted to compare what sits in my FF files to what some would consider really good, or publish worthy. They are all wonderful, and I have made it through the book twice now.

What is flash fiction? (For those of us who are just beginning to develop our writing knowledge)

Interesting how I found so many great places that explain what flash fiction is, while looking for others reviews. One for example goes into a very thought provoking explanation and comparison to prose poetry, Cheek Teeth: The mouthpiece of TRACHODON, written by managing editor of Cheek Teeth, Katey Schultz. I plan on following her site, and submitting my work to TRACHODON.

Hey Michael Madsen the writer/poet, this is another hint!

You can most certainly find the meaning of flash fiction on Wikipedia, read Zinta's Review, and in a few of my 'How To' writing manuals, but it is basically 'a very short story': a moment captured in time, and if you blink, well you might just miss the explosion. My kind of writing, for an ADHD kind of writer. I am working on some much longer books, but have trouble staying focused, with so many ideas floating in my head, there are too many to write. This book will sit out for my company to read if I ever keep them waiting long.

Do I recommend others to read this book? 

Order this book, or read 'Flash-Fiction-Very-Short-Stories' if you see it laying around someones living room!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

It looks like a book that I must check out :). Thanks twin :)

Toon said...

Now THIS is the kind of writing I could tackle without fear!

Marcus Goodyear said...

I've always enjoyed good flash fiction. It's hard to find flash fiction that is good, though!