Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Beginning of The End

My lil'sista has gone back home. She had to be at the airport in prime hot hot heat traffic time. Ugh! My air conditioner decided to stop working in the van. Not a pretty site when I rolled the windows down for air and she spent the enter time in the floor shielding her perfectly combed, dried, and hair sprayed do. Some things never change! LOL

We had a good time in NYC last weekend. We stayed at the Millinium Hilton, across from the World Trade Center Site and Memorial. Lots of building going on there. She was not used to so much walking. I do know I will never take her out to a fancy up scale restaurant again. A waste. I thought the whole staff was going to throw her out over the steak not being well done enough. Yes, she ruined an expensive cut of meat and they were not happy. My sister is a picky eater. Meat and potatoes + bland = her.

I do have to give her credit, she liked my goat cheese gnocchi and the risotto I made for hubby, and asked me to show her how to cook it. I doubt she will make it at home, because her boyfriend eats the same way she does. We shall see.

Her and I are so night and day. I love her, but we could not live together. It would have to be an apartment with two separate sides; with her own bedroom, bath, kitchen, and living area. Her side would have no stove or oven. Why, because her diet consists of doughnuts, pound cakes, can tuna, and sardines...oh and crackers with chunks of Colby cheese as she complains she is fat. No exercise and no vegetables, because she is one of those who think skinny people just starve themselves if they gain a pound or two. She is my parents all over again.

I told her that at our age we have to work twice as hard, and it only begins to sage if you do not tone it up.

It may seem that I am not that crazy about my sister, but I do love her. There will just be a long break between visits, as all families have their ups and downs...or it wouldn't be family!

Okay enough that silly complaining, we have our house back, and I have a pile of books to read and review.

Here is a not so great video of the WTC area across from our room. Its not a good video, but gives you an idea of all the construction going on over there...yeah, I am sure I get my share of complaints for not being so perfect, Heh!


Jeanne said...

Ahh! Home sweet home (alone).

Toon said...

You actually allowed her to order a well-done steak?? That's insane!

keri said...

LOL I know what you mean about living with your sister. Sounds like you two had a great visit though. The video is amazing. Great post.

Here are the Amy video's I mentioned in my answer to you on ACWYS:

ohhh, maybe not. I'll try to email them to you. Later. Keri