Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monday Muse 16- Adams Debut

As I visit Bryan Borland's poetry site, one cannot help but notice this photo I hijacked (with out permission, sorry baby!). His eyes, his stance, surroundings spoke to me. Our shared grief is like two rivers that flow into one pool, fates pond, and we both play together on its southern banks...making mud pies of course!

Still Life

A boy alone in the shadow
of trees- his brother, a father
killed by circumstance
by nature-
out of control courses
Time moves forward

Steps to the left- sunlight
a face, eyes that need not
speak words, a mouth
genetically shaped
stories, a life shared-

Steps to the right- shadows
mix with lines of light,
creating images, of jail,
a growing male
lost in a jungle
of feelings,
pain, fumbling paths
beating inside a heart
than his surroundings

He is standing- tall
in just the right place
the right moment, as
Adam, an almighty
prevails. Legends will rise
from bravery, truth
traveling in time
others, lives for good

We step forward- together
the right movement

© E Stelling, 2010

You can purchase Bryan's book, 'My Life as Adam' on his blog. A full length collection of poetry; read a few of his poems, watch his videos and soak in his sunlight; it will, I guarantee, change your life...

'The soul cannot think with out a picture' ~Aristotle


Jessie Carty said...

this is so awesome E! So glad you caught onto the Bryan fire. He is a keeper :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Very striking - the picture, and where you've taken it.

Katherine said...

What a lovely poem Elizabeth... Adam will love it I am sure!

Jeanne said...

Heading over to visit him....

Bryan Borland said...

What can I say? I'm flattered beyond words (a poet without words... go figure?).

I assure you the admiration is mutual.

You've made me blush. :)

Thank you - for the beautiful poem, for the promotion, and for the ever-expanding friendship.

Just telling it like it is said...

with a light heart!

Tipper said...

I love love the poem-how all the things of life do feed into another life-but you said it so well : )with such power too.

Tipper said...

I love love the poem-how all the things of life do feed into another life-but you said it so well : )with such power too.

Toon said...

Very nice. The picture makes him look thoughtful, not haunted...which is how some poets come across. To me anyway.

Gordon said...

Hello, friend. Dropped in to say hello. It appears you are as busy as ever. I think of you often. Hope you both are doing well.
If you get down to Florida this summer give me a call. Hugs, Gordon.