Monday, March 15, 2010

Muse Monday-

Room For a View

All enter your solitude
need for need 

four walls
       small room
             most- painted, dingy white

    occasional company, second beauty
             two by two mirror

You in the corner
        a new face
              turning your light on

      stage set, waiting star

Back straight
   long thin legs
      slight curves-
                all in the right places
Down to the floor
          details, dressed in velvet

Your vanity
     porcelain, bling of choice        
        voyeur confidence
The silence of your space; you
     one of two
         ones purpose clear, always used

You are easy,
         and a place for watching eyes...

© E Stelling, 1992- Revision

I wrote this in a dingy club bathroom in the early 80's, this beautiful raw wood chair with a red velvet seat all alone in the ugliness of a toilet-

Of course this bathroom is a newer one- but when I was there, and had my camera it reminded me of this piece I had written, and the angle of the photo worked-

How fun it was to read it, and have the audience feel it was so seductive...oh, if they only knew...


Rachel Cotterill said...

Ha! That's fun :)

Jessie Carty said...

i really like this Chef E! I love how the bling comment is made to cause the voice is so different from some of your other work (not in a bad way!) but then you throw in bling. ha!

Bryan Borland said...

I love that you wrote that in a club bathroom in the early 80's. Did you have early 80's hair? Were you wearing your Flashdance attire? Was Boy George there?

A bathroom can be (and often is) a place of therapy, colonic or otherwise.

I enjoyed the form of the poem. Snaking, you might say, like one's intestine.

Curves in all the right places, Baby!

Also - my word verification to comment I have to enter is Tinkle. I think that's appropriate.

Poetic Painter said...

What an interesting idea for a poem! Inspiration comes from everywhere!