Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear John Letter

Dear John,

I know it was hard for me to ask you to play the piano at Anelisa's memorial; it was hard for me to be there. I have wanted to say something to has taken so long to say these things to you since we last parted, and that I hope you realize what you did for me.

You gave me a gift that I was not able to open until this year. The gift has sat in the back of my mind for almost ten years before it was ready to play out in reality. You gave yourself, your time at the piano to teach a student out of love. She loved you, and there was never any jealousy on my part in the time spent when we would come over. I enjoyed working for you, helping keep your office going while you took Ane and Aaron on runs.

I also wanted you to know that since Aaron had no interest in keeping the sheet music, so I passed it on to my clients son recently. He has been taking piano lessons, and excels in composing his own beautiful work. Rahual may not understand what this piece means to me, but maybe one day he will listen to the words and think of his own sister who passed only just a year ago of a similar disease as my own child. Helping take care of her for three years as I cooked for their family was implementable in my healing.

Let me tell you how much you still mean to me after all these years. Ane loved her uncle, and there was no other. She loved the 'Titantic' move, and Leonardo- God was she boy crazy! If she were around today, she might not think he is so cute!

Our memories shared of her zest for life, and her will to go on, will ring out in our hearts for ever.




Bryan Borland said...

You know how much I admire your bravery and strength. *Hug*

Bagman and Butler said...

A very powerful letter. Nicely done.

Katherine said...

A very beautiful letter!