Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Open Mic Wednesday- Reading Other Works

I am going to start a new project- I am going to read at least one or two poems from fellow poets I know, or have known at open mic. I attend two that allow poetry, and have been told there are a few more, but not really close- In New Jersey an hour from your house in bad weather is two hours, so I will see...

Go check out Poet/Writer/Teacher, Jessie Carty's 58 Inches(she got a shout out), as she posts poetry (v)blogs, and keeps up updated on information pertaining to the poetry scene and poetry writers.

I hope you enjoy my reading, but I do wish I could find someone to man the camera, as I am not so great with it at such a long distance (I could swear it was zoomed in closer than this is what I am trying to say).

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Bryan Borland said...

I am humbled and honored and appreciative... sitting here... after a few cocktails in my living room in Arkansas... just in awe of you, in awe that you've taken the time to share my work with your audience. What a marvelous job you did... especially "Autumn."