Monday, February 1, 2010

Muse Monday 10- My Mothers Poetry


[Photo courtesy of My Town Blogger Team Member- Kerry- Oregon]

The Angel’s Plight

There was a little angel whom was fat

Out side St. Peters gates she sat.

She had squeezed, and turned

Until her hips had burned,

But Gods gate she could not get through.

St. Peter shook his head

For he thought the angels plight sad.

As he turned to go, he said

“Angel go below,” “the Devil has a fat vat!

For she saw what a fool she had been

She had eaten herself double

A diet was but trouble.

Now she must pay for her sins

There is a moral to be found here

As the fat angel’s fate grows near

With your scales you can level

Or, eat yourself to the devil

And be unhappy, both outside and in.

- Virginia L. Kennon Akin, 1976

My mother was at odds with herself about weight, beauty, talent, and like many of us- feeling loved. She passed away in 2005. My memories of her were that of Elizabeth Taylor in looks- dark hair, tan skin, and she had a beautiful singing voice. Not to mention her penmanship was always being complimented. However her education only went as far as the sixth grade. She grew up in rural Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans on a farm, and married at fourteen. She had four children, but left that abusive relationship. Four kids in tow, Virginia Louise Kennon eventually met and married my father later in life. She had three children, including me being the middle child.

I remember her battle with depression, and other mental illness that harbored her desires to achieve more than that of  a simple house wife. She wanted to go back to school, but having three kids in an impoverished lifestyle with my father, she just felt it was not possible during those times. Eventually she was hospitalized from a fall. She would never walk again, and remained in a nursing home until her death. My father passed shortly before her, and we felt she never got over his not coming to visit her.

I admired my mother for her many talents. She talked about publishing her own poetry book, Frogs & Roses. So, I once I publish my own poetry book, I am including her works as well.


Kerry said...

I love your mom's poem! It cracks me up! I'm going to go home and get out the deep fat fryer, dammit. I feel some doughnuts, comin' on, heaven on earth.

farmlady said...

You have honored your Mom's talents and it's obvious that you loved her very much.
Thanks for posting one of her poems.

Rachel Cotterill said...

That made me smile :) Now we all know where you get your poetic streak from!

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful post about your mother.

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Cheffy, what beautiful memories you have of your mother. You are so sweet to pay tribute to her. I try to do the same with my cooking and recipes. My mom was a cook in the public school system for many, many years. I learned all about cooking from her and my grandmother. This is why mention them so often in my blogs. It's my way of paying tribute. You rock my friend.

jessie carty said...

ya know, doing a self-publish of your mom's poems is probably a good option for you. most traditional publishers probably won't publisher her work with yours. not to say they wouldn't but it is tricky! :)

GingerV said...

Elizabeht - good post. Hey I need a member voice for Aquariums... can you do one or do you want me to do something?