Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homeless Campaign


Igloos For The Homeless

Late night after dinner drive running errands
turns into inescapable snow bound obstinacy
picturesque idea machine exploding- blowing
up blinding mounds of snow only to fall back
down around me into imaginary visions of penguins
construction hauling blocks, bricks of snow away- a
slippery means to an end becoming homes for the late
night cardboard crowds lining the streets of  cities like
New York and Trenton, but not Vancouver Island, BC
because they allow their homeless to migrate down from
the mainland because it does not snow or get as cold- so
they will not freeze to death on these long winter nights,
this would allow warmer accommodations for trash treasures
as well as provide housing for piled high basket bombing
vehicles they will would hang from the round edge doorways
like Christmas trees left up in living rooms until June with an
optional indecent exposure pee yellow interior cutting out
window views for the wealth’s security of knowing there will be
melting thirst for more income; more votes from cheap laborers
who’s families are hungry for food on the table complaint control
and help to build inner city power in making three story towers
glisten in the sunlight eventually melting as do all promises of a
better life with equality for all, then maybe Obama passes a brilliant
ski stimulus for the country with money being saved on gas keeping
obesity down to a lower rate with more exercise that I myself might
benefit when the voice of our forefathers wakes me from my night-
dreaming through the dirty watery realistic triangular pyramid shapes
printed on the almighty dollar, but these are freaking way bigger than
one might ever see, even in the south, and so blocking a drivers view
of oncoming traffic; yet the third chance to jump onto the main road
 that leads to the next destination is buried in thought.


Jessie Carty said...

i wonder how you would characterize your poetry? you seem to enjoy the sounds of words. have you ever researched prose poetry?

Just telling it like it is said...

Dirty snowed here the last several days!