Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holy Hot Tamale Bat Girl Its Valentines!

Commando Monologue's

#1- BFPFF Valentine Insomnia Rant

Smitten Kitten- I would just be happy with a box of Hot Tamales and a good foot massage, or even a tub that did not take five hours to fill up, so I could have that so wanted bubble bath we have talked about this past week. No lap top, no thoughts of work or tweet deck, and deadlines for website uploading or design. Pop open a nice bottle of Dom, slip on some Marvin Gay, and maybe even just some damn good Gypsy King to serenade the silly conversations. Have that towel ready for me when I slip onto the rug with bubble dripping down my buttocks, then my silky legs. One of my best features I have been told. Maybe there would be a plate of good cheese to nibble on as we dance, as I struggle to keep the robe tied and our laughing turns into uncontrollable snorting. We fall onto the couch and the moment turn into tears as our most deep and darkest pain is shared. You gesture a hug, cover me with a blanket, and then say goodnight as I slip into dreams of familiarity that hold on even tighter than the robe I threw to the floor after you left the room. Because, I just that commando kind of girl, and want freedom that the world is not ready to give me...

Mermaid Eye Photo in video is courtesy of Cottage Studios by Sarah

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