Sunday, February 15, 2009

Q & A Time Again ~ Oh Yes!

I 'borrowed' this from In A Nutshell and thought it would be fun!

Q & A Meme

1. Where is your significant other? Straightening up, we just cleaned out storage areas around the house, his sister is coming next Saturday (glad she can get him motivated *snicker*)

2. Your favorite thing? too many, but I think you can figure out two of the things

3. Your dream last night? I have been sleeping so good since I started my new healthy lifestyle...I do not remember!

4. Your goal? Now, to go make some over due and promised 'Behind The Wheel Chef' wraps

5. Your hobby? poetry, artsy fartsy stuff, blogging, reading

6. Where do you want to be in 6 years? On my new Harley and in orange leather pants, with a famous album of poetry and music playing loudly as I cruise summer roads

7. Where were you last night? feet up on my sweeties legs getting a foot rub while we watched 'Bottle Shock' a great movie about wine (right up my sweeties wine lovin' alley)

8. What you're not? Materialistic or Snobby

9. One of your wish list items? Be able to swim 50 laps in a new sexy bathing suit

10. Your pet? myself

11. Missing someone? Yes, lots and lots

12. Your car? Kia Blue Van I bought for my catering ~ Dream car none I am just happy to have one with Triple AAA and do not have to push start it down a hill like when I was younger :)

13. Something you're not wearing? Bra, and I never usually go without, but its warm today and I feel free ~ to do what I want ~ any old time (lyrics to a song, anyone remember it?)

14. Love someone? Yes, cannot say I hate anyone at all either, not in me

15. When is the last time you laughed? You will never catch me not unless I am crying due to PMS crap!

16. Last time you cried? this week, PMS

17. Favorite past time? seems like a repetitive question here, but hanging with my sweetie, son or friends...

18. Are you a hater or a lover? I hate clutter, and I love good food...

19. Any vices? Scotch & a good cigar, but I am doing okay with minimal amounts these days...

20. Favorite meme other than Sunday Stealing? sharing laughter with you other bloggers and memories...


Anonymous said...

Can I ride along with you in 6 years - that sounds fabulous. But I want purple pants.

Debra said...

You need to ride down to Ohio and we will cruise on the bikes. I hate cigarette smoke but like a cigar every now and then too!

Chef E said...

It will be sooner than six years, I want to ride when I turn fifty, so two years from June, and its a date Debra! Alexis can ride with one of us!

Girl Rants said...

these things are contagious you know...

hey where did you put the html code on your blog for the music player?

help. the girl.