Thursday, February 12, 2009


'Tango' in Ink, by Genifer Kupisioski

Do you have a passion for music and dance? Well, I do and always have. Many years ago I would go out to watch bands, go dancing, and never needed alcohol to get me off the chair and on the floor...Passion should have been on my 'Vision Board', but it has just been dormant...

I woman, Suzy that lives around the corner from me who plays guitar and sings had come to my open mic last week when I did not attend. We have been emailing each other since, and she invited me to an Open Mic for musicians at a local establishment, Alchemist & Barrister in Princeton, NJ. I decided to go, and ran a few errands as an excuse to put my wheels on the road. They do not start till 10 PM on Wednesdays when most of us are on the sofa relaxing or in bed, but I said "What the hell do I have to do early Thursday...not a darn thing"!

Turns out a chef friend, Rich was there. I had not idea he even had a life outside of his Tre Piani kitchen, lol, he works for my condo (and chef, Jim Weaver, owner Tre Piani) landlord and where I store my food and supplies for catering when was also his birthday! He is a multi talented guy, because he play guitar, harmonica, and the accordian!

This tall and lanky handsome blonde man took my breath away with his original songs and more by Dylan and normally I am not crazy (no frowns) about The Rolling Stones, but he swayed me!

This is Suzy and Raj...She sings her own music and if you can believe it...admits that she talks more than me! We hit it off right away, so I think this Gemini and her Capricorn side can make a friendship work...she lives right around the corner and works at the Princeton Library...

Only one beer later I was on the floor dancing to most of their stuff and I got Rich to sing something I knew the words to so I could have a few minutes of fame. Suzy supplied us with rhythm shakers and that was all she wrote...I might have lost a few pounds do you think?


Debra said...

That looks like you had loads of fun!Wish we could be there with you! You, Lex, and I would have a ball.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

You know it girls we woulde be the hit of the party :). Looks like you had so much fun, I'm not sure 10pm is pretty late for this lady ... LOL