Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Just to settle all the rumors...yes I did!!"

Can you imagine to a mother's horror her son had this posted up on his account. What was he about to tell her? Can you imagine the worry going through her mind what she was about to find out...and what he was sharing with the WORLD!

He is 21 1/2 years old (Mom cannot help celebrating this 1/2 thing, milestones), more like five sometimes, and goes by the name Shark Attack(because his friends teased him in school about his nose that is just like his mother's, but he turned it around and made it his own joke). The mother is a respectable well known...well no one famous...she just worked hard most of her children's lives to raise them in a respectable manner, and to live respectable lives...NO NOT REALLY...well, kind of...I want him to enjoy life while he is getting his college education!

Yep that is my son...and here is what followed on his little rant...and I cannot get him to come here and blog, so he sends me stuff like may say he sounds a bit like 'the apple does not fall far...'

ITS FUNNY THAT YOU OPENED this because in the next seven days you will:
* get engaged
* have someone fall in love with you
* find money you've been missing
* your luck will change for the better in all areas... love, happiness, job, money,

BUT...first you will have to repost this with 1 of these titles:

*Were having twins!!!"
" Were having a baby"
" Were having baby number #2"
" I Kissed A Girl And I Like IT"
"Just to settle all the rumors...yes I did!!"
"I'm getting married!"
"My dad got the job!.. I'm moving to Japan!"
"Guess who i kissed last night!"
"I guess it was never meant to be"
"I'm gonna be a daddy!"
"I'm gonna be a mommy!"
"I'm moving!!!
"I miss her"
"I'm moving out of state!"
"I got married last night!!!"
"i got my nipples pierced!!"PICS =]

Now, I throw this back out there at my blog friends...My title is "I miss her"...

...and the reason why (no, 'Oh I am sorries') Sunday March 1st is Anelisa Diane Dillion's 23rd birthday, and I go out every year and toss back a drink for her memory. I will be in Philly going to museums, she loved art, looking for stray cats to toss (bread or food silly) food to, she loved her cats (and I was allergic, but dealt with it)... If you happen to have some moment where you think of me, do not...think of all those babies out there that are born every year with birth defects, develope cancer, or any other problematic chronic illness and all the parents that are going through hell, and go hug your children, hubby, or friends...hugs and love words needed here...I am loved, but hugs accepted!...Cheers! (no I did not start early silly!)

I love my son, he is so in tune with his mother! My real laughing started with his phone call last night while we both were watching this movie called 'Pineapple Express'...remember 'Reefer Madness', well its not the same, but similar...huh? Oh, and play along here...


Lori said...

Aren't children wonderful?!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

You crack me up! Muah to you!

K said...

Sounds like you guys have a great relationship.

Girl Rants said...

i can think of YOU whenever i want! wish we could toss that drink back together.

and you are awesome.

Beth said...

LOL!!!! Love this! and I think the relationship you and your boy have is fantatic!

Debra said...

You are awesome! What an awesome way to commerate Anelisa's birthday. She was a Pisces like yours truly - mine is March 9th.;-)

Just telling it like it is said...

Oh my goodness are you trying to kill me..that melted my heart and I teared up to hear his words...She touches my heart every time you mention her...She touches people and for that I am thankful for her...

FrankandMary said...

I don't care for the Oh I am sorry comments either but I think everyone means well they are just well, sorry :-0.
The kid probably didn't fall all that far from the mom tree.
You sound happy & proud, as you should be.
I picked you up from a list of NJ blogs(my state). Not TMI as far as I am concerned. ~Mary