Sunday, November 18, 2012

So so Fabulous

Oldies out there, have you ever wondered what ever happened to Fabulous Fabian, well I found him. His name popped in my mind for a curio poem, and I kind of remember his being in movies or .something when I was a tween. He was somewhere between cute and old at that age.

He tucked himself away in Philly all these years, and with a younger woman. Never married until later, as he frequented poetry slams and back alleys until then, oh I am kidding! He still...still has his looks! An idea for a poem draft turns up fascinating things on the internet...shows you how a boy sitting on his stoup draws attention, and that they still were creating boy bands all those years ago.

Just a share moment. If you want to read the site I found, here is more about Fabulous Fabian

The photo above is off one of the beaches we stopped on Oahu, HI on our vacation. I saw a heart from the position I sat in the convertible in the tree stump, palm I presume. I see love in so many things...if you want to use the pic, email me, otherwise No Stealing please...

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