Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A little of This, and

A lot of that...not my backside though!

It is cold here in Princeton. I am ready for the spring already. How about you?

I spent the weekend and a few weekdays with mom Valerie. She needed my help with some errands, she ended up sick, furniture advice, computer help, and a few other things. Most was accomplished, but with her ill we could not get all the furniture in the spare bedroom in place. I convinced her to donate the coffee table to the hurricane Sandy efforts. It was a very 70's to 80's glass piece she did not need up there. Hubs and I always felt it was in the way to pull the sofa bed out.

This weekend is going to be spent doing some photography. Spark 18 started and with all the photos I have taken the past four or so years, some need to get used. I partnered up with Tyson, a poet friend out of Washington State. His inspiration poem is a challenge, and would be nice if I had taken more photos on my way back from Texas, in the south.

Hope all is well, and you had a nice holiday! Peace to you all...

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